Military Demarcation Line Tour

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* For afternoon tours starting at 11:00am there is a minimum number of 2 people required to join this tour.

Free Cancellation When cancelling by 5pm the day before most tours. See Details.

Tour Itinerary

  • Hotel Pick Up
  • Imjingak (Mangbaedan, The Bridge of Freedom, Bell of Peace, Dokgae Bridge, Beat131 Bunker Exhibition Hall)
  • Odu Mt. Unification Observatory (Observatory, North Korean Life’s Museum)
  • War Memorial of Korea (Korea War Museum)
  • Drop off at City Hall / Itaewon.

* Group Discount 50,000 krw p/p (min.3people / tour)
* No Shopping & High Quality


Imjingak, located 7 km from the Military Demarcation Line, is now at the forefront of tourism related to the Korean Conflict. It was built in 1972 with the hope that someday unification would be possible. Three-storied Imjingak is surrounded by several Monuments, Unification Park and North Korea Center. 400 kinds of photos and documents showing the stark reality of North Korea are displayed in the North Korea Center of Unification Board. Outside Imjingak, there are 12 kinds of tanks and crafts on display that were used during the Korean Conflict.

Dokgae Bridge

“New Lane Towards Peace” opened on Dokgae Bridge within Imjingang Pyeonghwa Nuri Park. The old train tracks that connected South Korea and North Korea before the Korean War is used as a platform to display messages of hope and peace. Media train, a reproduction of an old passenger train car, displays media arts through a window that shows a broken Dokgae Bridge getting reconnected. Before the Korean War, Dokgae Bridge used to be the only way to travel from South Korea to North Korea. Currently the bridge is disconnected from the bombing during the Korean War.

Odu Mt. Unification Observatory

Looking at the outside of Odusan Unification Observatory
Credit: “Odu Mountain Unification Observatory” by 钉钉 is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The Odusan Unification Observatory opened to the public in 1992. It’s one of the national tourist spot where foreigners like to visit and experience the stark reality of the divided Peninsula. From this Observation Platform, Songaksan Diamond Mountains in the city of Gyeseongi and 63 Building in Seoul are visible. This Observatory has five floors above ground and one underground. Various photos and computerized screens showing the stark reality of North Korea are displayed on first and second floor. Products from North Korea can also be purchased here.

War Memorial of Korea

Outside of the War Memorial of Korea
Credit: “War_Memorial_Korea_20150623_18” by KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The grounds of the War Memorial of Korea were once the headquarters of the Korean Infantry. This memorial is the largest of its kind in the world. Large weaponry and equipment used by different countries during World War II and the Vietnam War are also on display. In the Large Equipment Exhibit on the second floor, many kinds of defense industry equipment and both real and model weapons are displayed. In the Bangsan Equipment Exhibit, you can look at weapons and war equipment produced in Korea.

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