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Seoraksan National Park Tour (1 Day)

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South Korea has many stunning mountains, but Seoraksan is definitely one that stands out for its beauty, wildlife, and lovely trails. Our Seoraksan National Park tour is the best way to get in touch with nature and feel rejuvenated in the mountains. Enjoy breathtaking panoramas, ride in a cable car, discover an ancient temple, and eat seafood delicacies on our Seoraksan National Park day trip from Seoul!

Free Cancellation When cancelling by 5pm the day before most tours. See Details.

Seoraksan National Park day trip from Seoul – What to Expect

Our Seoul to Seoraksan day trip is a blend of nature, history, and food. We will begin by picking you up at your hotel. You will be in the capable hands of our licensed tour guide during the entire journey! We will then head straight to Seoraksan National Park. Once we arrive, we will hop on the Seoraksan Cable Car which guarantees amazing mountain views that you will want to take photos of! At the top we will spend some time at the main viewpoint where you will be able to see as far as the East Sea!

Stunning red, gold and yellow leaves hanging from the trees with mountain scenery seen behind during on of our Seoul to Seoraksan day trips during the Autumn season
Beautiful Autumn views on our Seoul to Seoraksan day trip.

Then, we will pay a visit to the pretty Shinheungsa Temple, and afterward, we will have a lunch break. While lunch is not included in the program, your guide will stop somewhere you can buy some lunch and give you some time to take a rest. Then, we will discover Daepo Port which is known for its fresh seafood and is an amazing place to shop. The last stop of our Seoraksan National Park tour will be dropping you back off at your original hotel.

Our Day Trips from Seoul are organized in a seamless way so that we take care of all the transportation and logistics for you. All you need to do is enjoy the experience and each other’s company!

Seoraksan National Park tour – Course Overview

A statue of a bear near the entrance of Seoraksan National Park
The bear statue which is a symbolic figure, found at the entrance to Seoraksan National Park.

On our Seoraksan National Park day trip from Seoul, you will have the chance to take in the serene mountain views, feel the thrill of riding in a cable car high above the ground and retrace history at a beautiful temple. We will have time to shop and take photos to commemorate an unforgettable experience!

Seoraksan National Park – discover a wildlife paradise

Seoraksan National Park is one of the most distinguished mountains in South Korea because of its diverse flora and fauna. The highest point of the mountain, Daecheongbong Peak, stands at an impressive 1,708 meters! The scenery here varies a lot; with a range of cliffs, waterfalls, and landmarks like Ulsanbawi Rock formation.

Some of our group at the top of the mountain on our Seoraksan National Park tour at the beginning of winter
Taking in the gorgeous winter view during our Seoraksan National Park tour

The charm of Seoraksan lies in the fact that it’s suitable to visit during spring, autumn, and winter, so you can choose your favorite time of the year! The park has been declared a protected area by UNESCO and is home to more than 1,562 species of animals! Make sure to have your cameras ready in case you see a deer! The park is known to have Siberian flying squirrels, Korean musk deer, otters, and Korean goral, which makes it the ideal place for nature lovers! In terms of flowers, there are over 1,200 unique types, including the Edelweiss!

If you’re looking to experience stunning views and would also like to hike, have a look at our Bukhansan tour as well!

Seoraksan Cable Car to Gwongeumseong Fortress – enjoy stunning views from above

Looking down from the top of Gwongeumseong Fortress platform watching the Seoraksan Cable Car coming up
Seoraksan cable car offers the quickest and easiest way to reach the top of the mountain and see the most stunning views.

Our Seoul to Seoraksan day trip continues with a ride in the Seoraksan Cable Car! The cable car arrival platform is named after Gwongeumseong Fortress which used to stand here many years ago, built around 1253 AD to defend the country from a Mongolian invasion. Now, there are only a few remains of the actual fortress but the name still stands. You will ride for about ten minutes before reaching the main observation point.

Beautiful views of Sokcho city from Gwongeumseong Fortress
From the peak of Gwongeumseong Fortress you can see beautiful views of Sokcho city.

From there, you will be able to see the most breathtaking views of the East Sea, Seoraksan Mountain, and Sokcho city. If you come in the spring, you will see blooming rosebays, while in the autumn, you will be able to see the colorful foliage. In the winter, the whole mountain is covered in snow which makes it look simply magnificent!

We will then take the stairway up to Bonghwadae from the cable car platform. This will take most people around 10 minutes. At the top you will be able to see some remaining stone walls from the fortress, both outer and inner Seorak mountain and some strange looking rock faces. It’s the perfect place to take photos so be sure to have your camera charged and ready!

Shinheungsa Temple – discover the most important Korean Buddhist temple

A giant Buddha statue nearby Shinheungsa temple with leaf-less trees in the background
The giant landmark Buddha statue located nearby Shinheungsa temple.

Once you make your way back down in the cable car, you will explore the Shinheungsa Temple. It is said that this temple is the oldest Seon temple in the whole world! Nowadays, Shinheungsa is the main temple of the Jogye Order. Here, you will experience tranquility and be able to appreciate the allure of a historical monument that has stood the test of time!

This is an amazing place to take photos because the simple design of the temple stands out against the stunning backdrop of impressive rock formations, and the Buddha statue is the landmark you’d want to show your friends!

Daepo Port – shop the freshest seafood

Looking at stall selling lots of different seafood inside Daepo Port market
One of the many stalls selling fresh seafood at Daepo Port market

Daepo Port is the last stop on our Seoraksan National Park tour. This is a place famous for its seafood and vibrant market. You will have the opportunity to look around and buy some delicacies to snack on or bring home and cook a meal for your family. Every stall sells something different and exciting!

Some dishes you will find here are the Ojingeo Sundae or Squid Sundae, which is a local variation of a traditional sort of blood sausage normally lined with cow intestines. You will also see fried shrimp, steamed red crab, crab ramen, lobster, and more! The only hard decision you will have to make here is what to taste first, as the options are endless!

Take the opportunity to relax, enjoy nature, and experience the best of the seafood scene in Korea with our Seoraksan National Park tour! Ideal for visiting year-round, the park will impress you with its gorgeous and diverse scenery and wildlife! Create lifetime memories with your loved ones with our seamless itinerary!

Seoraksan National Park tour Itinerary

  • Hotel Pickup
  • Seoraksan National Park
  • Seoraksan Cable Car (Gwongeumseong Fortress)
  • Shinheungsa Temple
  • Daepo Port
  • Hotel Drop-off (Seoul)

Our Seoul to Seoraksan Day trip includes

  • Hotel Pickup service
  • VIP tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Entrance Fees and Tickets
  • Seoraksan Cable Car
  • Hotel Drop-off


  • Meals are not included, but your tour guide will give you time to rest and eat.

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    What a great tour! The views from Seoraksan were breathtaking and the cable car was great experience in itself. Standing on the top of the rocky mountain makes you feel on top of the world. Our guide Gabby was also very informative and made the experience so much more enjoyable. She explained about the Fortress ruins at the top and gave us good directions. The tour was well organised and smooth, the temple was beautiful and transportation very comfortable. Overall a great experience.

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