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Bukhansan Tour + Sauna Package

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Seoul is a stunning city both in terms of culture and nature. There is no better way to experience beautiful views and do some healthy exercise than a Bukhansan tour! Our Seoul hiking tour is a combination of fresh air, gorgeous panoramas, and time for relaxation at a traditional Korean sauna. Take the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones surrounded by wonderful natural beauty!

Free Cancellation When cancelling by 5pm the day before most tours. See Details.

Bukhansan National Park tour – What to Expect

As Korea is a country 70% of which is covered in mountains, hiking is the absolute perfect way to take in the surrounding beauty. Many locals enjoy hiking because it keeps them fit and healthy, and Bukhansan National Park is the perfect place to do that.

A mountain in Bukhansan National Park looking dark green from all the leaves
Bukhansan National Park is a very diverse area in terms of landscapes. You will find tall mountain peaks, tranquil rivers, and lots of spectacular colors.

The national park is a very diverse area in terms of landscapes. Here, you will find tall mountain peaks, tranquil rivers, and lots of spectacular colors. The best thing about our Bukhansan tour is that you can do it all year round, allowing you to choose your favorite season. Autumn, winter, and spring all offer something unique and beautiful.

Be sure to bring some comfortable shoes with a good grip. The trails are rocky and varied in terrain so sandals and flip flops will not cut it! You’ll also want plenty of water 500 ml – 1L. If you don’t have any you will have an opportunity to purchase some by the entrance.

Bukhansan tour – Course Overview

We have created an itinerary for you that includes both quality time in the mountains, breathing fresh air and enjoying a brisk hike, and some time for relaxation as well. We will pick you up at your hotel in Seoul and set out on our Bukhansan National Park tour. On our way to lunch after your hike, we will briefly stop at a shopping center. Here you will have the chance to pick-up a unique gift you can take home.

We will then have a lunch break where you will indulge in a local Korean meal to help you restore your energy after exercising. After lunch, we will relax and recharge at a traditional style sauna which will make you feel rejuvenated! At the sauna, you will have the chance to recover your muscles and receive a body scrub, oil treatment, face pack, and shampooing. Finally, we will drop you off at your hotel.

Our Seoul tours are always lead by a licensed tour guide who helps you discover the best of Korea and gain insider cultural knowledge!

Bukhansan National Park – kickstart your day with an invigorating hike

A Bukhansan tour group hiking up to Samobawi
A Bukhansan tour group hiking up to Samobawi to see some fantastic views of Seoul.

Established in 1983, Bukhansan National Park is an extremely diverse area. There are trails perfect for all fitness levels. We will have a few hiking options on our Seoul hiking tour. You can choose to hike with us all the way to Samo Bawi (사모바위), or decide to branch off at the 70% mid way point and take a bit more rest at the Seung-Gasa Buddhist temple (승가사). Both trails have unique characteristics that make for a wonderful hike!

Samo Bawi got its name from a rock formation. This trail is one of the most interesting ones in Bukhansan National Park due to its rugged beauty. At 540 meters high, you can conquer this peak in a few hours. Samo Bawi’s level of difficulty is beginner to intermediate; it’s not too easy, but it is definitely manageable which makes it perfect for most travelers. There are scenic valleys along the hike which make for great stops in case you get tired and would like a moment to rest. You will see a few bridges that stand over mountain brooks and give the trail a lot of charm.

A view of Seoul can be seen from behind a jagged rock face in Bukhansan
On clear days you can see beautiful views of Seoul during our Bukhansan tour.

The alternative route on our Bukhansan tour is to Seung-Gasa. The trail takes its name from one of the Buddhist temples that has stood here for millennia. The temple was built in honor of the monk Seunggadaesa. The location was specifically chosen so that you can see all of Seoul from above. Make sure to have your camera charged, and allow yourself a moment of contemplation as you take in the gorgeous scenery! At the peak, you will find a beautiful pagoda which is an amazing spot for photos to document your hike!

Lunch – treat yourself to a well-deserved, delicious meal

After hiking all morning, you have more than deserved a hearty meal! Your guide will choose the best restaurant for you that serves local, house-made dishes. Everything you try will be authentic and savory. There will be vegetarian options as well for those who do not eat meat. Our lunch break will give you the opportunity to rest your legs and have a wonderful conversation with one another. This is the ideal way to break the day into two parts – exercise and relaxation.

Korean Traditional Style Sauna – feel rejuvenated

Green towels on top of a stool in a traditional saunaOnce you have conquered the peaks of our Bukhansan tour and fueled up at lunch, it’s time to relax at a Korean traditional sauna! Here, you will rest your aching muscles in a sauna and a water bath. This will soften your skin and make you feel extremely relaxed. You will receive a special treatment. First, the sauna professionals will scrub off your dead skin with a glove. This is a traditional cleansing process.

Then, they will give you a quick moisturizing massage treatment with oil to renew your skin which will last about five minutes. Finally, they will apply a face pack which will deeply moisturize your skin. To finish, you will also have your hair shampooed. Of course you are welcome to purchase additional treatments at the sauna, should you wish.

Our Bukhansan tour is a perfect day of nature, exercise, amazing food, and relaxation! It is a fantastic choice for those who would like to deeply refresh and escape the bustle of the city. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful time with your friend or loved ones!

Bukhansan tour Itinerary

  • Hotel Pickup
  • Bukhansan National Park
  • Shopping Center
  • Korean style lunch at local restaurant
  • Traditional Sauna (Body Scrubbing, Oil Treatment, Face pack, Shampoo)
  • Hotel Drop-off

Our Seoul hiking tour includes

  • Hotel Pickup service
  • VIP tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Entrance Fees and Tickets
  • Traditional Sauna Treatment (Body Scrubbing, Oil Treatment, Face pack, Shampoo)
  • Korean Style Lunch (Vegetarian options available)
  • Hotel Drop-off

Bukhansan Tour + Sauna Package に対するレビュー2件

  1. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5


    The hike was a bit harder than I expected although some others in our group didn’t think so. I guess it depends on each individual. Our tour guide Holly gave us 2 options. Either hike to the higher view point Samo Bawi rock, or part the way up take detour to a beautiful temple (easier path). The going to the temple is apparently easier and you can take a bit more rest and then rejoin those who went to the top on the way back down. 1 couple were so quick, they actually managed to do both the rock and the temple. I pushed up to the rock and that was enough for me. The couple said the rock had the better view, but there is also a very nice view from the temple. Lunch was delicious. Tried a few new things and our guide was very kind in showing us how to eat it like the locals. Sauna at the end was perfect! Felt like a new man and helped to relax my aching muscles. Highly recommend this tour for the right balance of exercises, fantastic views and relaxation.

    • Bora is part of our customer support team here at VIP Travel

      Bora VIP Travel

      Dear, Norman

      Above all, Thank you for taking tour with us and good review.
      Good to hear that you did great tour!
      Hiking Bukhansan is special tour to get the fresh air and see the beautiful view of Seoul on the mountain.

      Hope you can get the chance to join the other tour with us next time.
      Thank you, Bora.

  2. Avatar photo
    4 out of 5


    The mountain is absolutely stunning now with all the colours everywhere you look is just so beautiful. I was a fair bit slower than some of the younger ones, but our guide was so lovely. very patient and caring with us. The sauna was heaven at the end and so I slept very well last night.

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