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北汉山登山 + 韩式汗蒸房体验 全天游

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在1983年指定为国立公园的三角山(北汉山)国立公园总宽为78.45 ㎢, 包括三角山(北汉山)和道峰山地区. 北汉山的仁寿峰,万景台,白云台,露积峰,普贤峰,碑峰,元晓峰和道封山的紫云峰,万长峰,仙人峰,五峰等20多个山峰相连. 统称白云台(836.5m),仁寿峰(810.5m),万景台(799.5m)为三角山, 喜欢在仁寿峰攀岩运动的登山爱好者和其他许多登山者们会找来这里. 公园全体被都市包围, 在生态学上虽然是‘孤立的岛’, 但是在都市地区优秀地履行着‘绿色之肺’的角色, 很多首都圈的居民喜欢这个自然休息的地方.


通过按摩可以促进血液或淋巴的循环并通过促进新陈代谢来调高组织的营养, 可以帮助排出废物并增强抵抗力. 这个触压刺激会刺激神经起阵痛作用, 所以有促进恢复麻痹的神经, 纠正内脏机能调制的效果.

北汉山登山 + 韩式汗蒸房体验 全天游 有 2 个评价

  1. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5


    The hike was a bit harder than I expected although some others in our group didn’t think so. I guess it depends on each individual. Our tour guide Holly gave us 2 options. Either hike to the higher view point Samo Bawi rock, or part the way up take detour to a beautiful temple (easier path). The going to the temple is apparently easier and you can take a bit more rest and then rejoin those who went to the top on the way back down. 1 couple were so quick, they actually managed to do both the rock and the temple. I pushed up to the rock and that was enough for me. The couple said the rock had the better view, but there is also a very nice view from the temple. Lunch was delicious. Tried a few new things and our guide was very kind in showing us how to eat it like the locals. Sauna at the end was perfect! Felt like a new man and helped to relax my aching muscles. Highly recommend this tour for the right balance of exercises, fantastic views and relaxation.

    • Bora is part of our customer support team here at VIP Travel

      Bora VIP Travel

      Dear, Norman

      Above all, Thank you for taking tour with us and good review.
      Good to hear that you did great tour!
      Hiking Bukhansan is special tour to get the fresh air and see the beautiful view of Seoul on the mountain.

      Hope you can get the chance to join the other tour with us next time.
      Thank you, Bora.

  2. Avatar photo
    4 out of 5


    The mountain is absolutely stunning now with all the colours everywhere you look is just so beautiful. I was a fair bit slower than some of the younger ones, but our guide was so lovely. very patient and caring with us. The sauna was heaven at the end and so I slept very well last night.

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