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Terms of service

Clients Relations

  • Our company’s Customer Relations Team is committed to resolving any problems regarding the use of our Service.
    Call Center

Period of Holding and Using Personal Information

Personal information collected with the consent of Customers will be held and used by us during the time the Customer use our services on our Web site.
However, the Company will destroy Personal Information collected from Customer without delay when the objectives behind collection of personal information are served based on the following:

  • Membership Registration Information: Canceledby the Customer or dismissed from membership by the Company
  • Payment Information: after full payment or the expiration of statute of limitations for credit-card debt
  • Shipping Information: when goods or services are provided or inducted
  • Survey & Event: when survey and events are completed
  • Credit-Card Information: when reservation process concerning payment and cancelation is completed

Copyright and License for the Bulletin Board

We may remove contentsthat Users submitted on the bulletin board when we reasonably believed the content applies to the following

  • disturbing the public orderor morals
  • relevant to criminal activity
  • bringing disgrace or disadvantages on others
  • damaging toor hindering the use of our Service
  • violating the legal right or copyright of a third party
  • violating our policies or the law

When Users submit reviews for products and contents to our Service, the Users give the Company license and copyright of the content, and the Company may use, store, reproduce, and modify the content of reviews for its marketing purpose.


The Company holds the license, the copyright, and the intellectual property of the contents displayed on the site.

When a User uses the entire or some of the content from the site for sale purpose, or submit it to other sites such as the Internet Cafes, he or she must receive written consent from the Company.

If the User violates this rule, he or she may take civil and penal responsibility.