Nami Island Tours

Our Nami Island tours are one of the most popular 1-day activities for those visiting Seoul, and for good reason! This Instagram shooting hot spot provides an absolutely gorgeous scenery in every season! Combined with either another activity or visit to a different local attraction, a tour to Nami Island is guaranteed to be a memorable experience!

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Namiseom vs Namisom vs Naminara vs Nami Island – One and the same

An often confusing point for first time visitors to Seoul are the different names given to this famous island. But don’t be confused because its quite simple really. Namiseom and Namisom are just different phonetic spellings of the Korean name for the island (남이섬). While Nami Island is the English translation and most commonly used term.

Naminara Republic pretend immigration line
Have some fun going through the immigration line of Naminara Republic (Nami Island). A fairy tale island.

Naminara Republic, or Naminara for short on the other hand is a cultural tourism brand. Pretending to be its own country and used to declare its cultural independence from the the Republic of Korea. There official stance is that “Naminara celebrates the imagination and shares its beautiful fairy tales and songs with guests from all over the world”.

So regardless of which name you go by, for all intents and purposes you’ll still be taking a tour to Nami Island.

Where is Nami Island?

Nami Island is located in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. So where is that exactly? Well its 63 kilometers from Seoul. It takes roughly about an hour to get there from Seoul’s suburbs by car, or about 90 minutes from down town Seoul.

The island itself was formed in the middle of the North Han River. It’s the same river you will see flowing through the center of Seoul, just much further upstream.

Nami Island tour from Seoul – Course and Itinerary

We offer 4 different Nami Island tours from Seoul. Each tour to Nami Island offers a similar course and itinerary, but with 1 key difference. It is combined with another local activity or must see hot spot located nearby.

2 people having a delicious Chuncheon dak-galbi lunch on one of our Nami Island tours
2 of our guests enjoying their dak-galbi lunch in Chuncheon during one of our Nami Island tours.

Due to Nami Island being so close to Chuncheon, your experience wouldn’t be complete without indulging in a delicious Dak Galbi (chicken stir fry). This is because Chuncheon is the origin and home town of this iconic dish. So that’s exactly what’s on the lunch menu – a mouth watering traditional Chuncheon dak-galbi.

Our tour course for a Nami Island tour from Seoul therefore looks like this:

  1. Complimentary Seoul hotel pick-up
  2. Transportation from and to Seoul
  3. Ferry to Nami Island (included) / Zipline to Nami Island (optional additional charge)
  4. Explore Nami Island
  5. Tasty dak-galbi lunch in Chuncheon
  6. A second stop at either – Petite France / Rail Biking / Strawberry Farm / Elysian Gangchon Resort (Pick 1)
  7. Quick stop at the Korean Amethyst or Ginseng Center
  8. Seoul Hotel Drop-off

Which Nami Island tour to choose?

As described above each tour to Nami Island is combined with a second location or activity located nearby. We find this is the perfect balance to make the most of your day, while still having enough time to enjoy each stop of our tour without having to rush.

Here is a quick 2 line overview of each tour package:

If the choice of 4 Nami Island tours leaves you spinning, then we would recommend our Nami Island and Petite France tour. This is our most popular option.

Adrenaline junkies can Zipline to Nami Island from Gapyeong Wharf

The Nami Island ferry full of passengers in the middle of the Han River
The Nami Island ferry on its way back to Gapyeong Wharf after a morning on the island.

Are you an adrenaline junky? Would you prefer a heart pumping entrance to Nami Island rather than a relaxing ferry ride? Then you can consider taking the zipline to Nami Island! Although more popular with our younger audiences, those who are still young at heart are welcome too.

To people taking the zipline to Nami Island
The 80m high zipline to Nami Island is great if you are looking for an injection of adrenaline.

Beware though that the zipline to Nami Island from Gapyeong Wharf starts from an 80m high tower and is 940m long. So if heights aren’t your thing, then its probably best to stick with us on the ferry. While the zipline will offer you an additional thrill as you speed across to Nami Island overhead, just be aware there will also be an additional fee on the day. For those that are interested, simply let your tour guide know on arrival at Gapyeong Wharf.

Stunning in every season

Stunning white Cherry Blossoms can be seen behind a girl riding a bike on Nami Island during Spring
Nami Island is a great place to see the Cherry Blossoms during Spring

A Nami Island tour is great regardless of the season. Which is the best season really comes down to a matter of preference, and is a much debated subject.

Incredible green, red, yellow and golden brown colors can be seen on the trees which are in Autumn on Nami Island
Nami Island is stunning all year round but there is a strong case that Autumn may be the best season.

Spring (March – May) offers fantastic temperatures, beautiful cherry blossoms and delightful smells. Summer (June – August) gives the opportunity to make the most of the Water Garden Swimming Pool and bright green leaves. Autumn (September – November) is full of bright yellow, red and golden brown leaves, perfect temperatures and clear views. Winter (December – February), often popular with kids and lovers of snow provides ideal conditions for building snowmen, sipping on warm cocoa and having catching a glimpse of the bear trees covered in heavy snow.

Top Spots on a Nami Island tour

During your tour to Nami Island, one of our kind tour guides will give you a quick overview of the island, and point you in the direction of some of the main spots. Be sure to ask anything you’d like to know. From directions to recommending a good cup of tea or cocoa they’ll be happy to help.

To get you started here a some of the top spots you might want to check out:

A statue of the two main characters in Winter Sonata at Gongsaengwon Garden on Nami Island
A statue of the two main characters in Winter Sonata at Gongsaengwon Garden on Nami Island during Summer.

  • Ginkgo Tree Lane – Glows a gorgeous yellow in Autumn
  • Gongsaengwon Garden – See the famous “Winter Sonata” statue of the 2 main characters
  • Water Garden Swimming Pool – Perfect in Summer
  • Baekpungmilwon Maple Garden – Expect some reds from September to November
  • Jeonggwan Baekryeonji Pond – like looking into glass
  • Nami Island Sky bike – A bit of above the ground fun for everyone
  • Zipline to Nami Island – A must for thrill seekers
  • Maple Lane & Namipungwon Maple Garden – Take a stroll along the lane of true love
  • Metasequoia Lane – Filming location for many of the romantic scenes from Winter Sonata
  • Eco Farm Yeonryeonji Pond – Try to spot ostriches, squirrels, ducks geese and many birds
  • Central Train Station – Take a train around the island
  • Hut Bridge – Walk over a section of the Han River
  • Rent a bike from the Bike Center – Pedal around the island. It’s the most efficient way!
  • Elysian Waterfall – Because every paradise needs one
  • Plus many more…

Ready to Explore Nami Island? Well that was a silly question. Of course you are! Pick your favourite Nami Island tour below, and a member of our helpful team will take care of the rest.