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酒店 → 临津阁公园 → 自由之桥 → 第三地道 → DMZ影像馆/展示馆 → 都罗展望台→ 都罗山站 → 统一村经由 → 市厅或梨泰院解散

*3人起~ 每人:50,000 韩元 .

* 无购物、无选项





位于首尔西北边48㎞, 开城东边10㎞的地点, 在北韩行政区域上属于开城直辖市板门郡板门里. 停战协定签订后定为UN和北韩方的<共同警备区域>, 是前后左右边界间直线距离不过800m的狭窄的空间. 在6·25战争前地名叫板门, 是只有几间草房的偏远村庄. 1951~53年在这里进行休战会谈后在全世界举世闻名.
最初在这里搭上帐篷开始的休战会谈整整延续了1年9个月, 等结束休战会谈后为签订休战协定在附近建了木制建筑, 之后再搬迁到现在的位置. 53年7月在这里签订休战协定后成为了联合国方和北韩方的<共同警备区域>, 在那年8∼9月实施了1个月长的俘虏交换. 以前主要用于管理休战的场所, 但以71年9月20日举行的南北红十字预备会谈为契机, 不仅用于军事停战委员会的会谈场所, 还用于南·北韩间的接触和会谈的场所及南北往来的经过地点. 在共同警备区域内有军事停战委员会的主会议场和中立国监督委员会的会议室. 横过「军事停战委员会」会议室内放置的长方形会议用桌子中间的话筒线和在这个桌子上放置的UN和北韩的旗子象征着军事分界线. 并且还坐落着UN方<自由之家>, 共产主义方<板门角>等10多座建筑物.


传说新罗败亡后投降于高丽的敬顺王到这个山顶后因怀念新罗的首都而落下了泪, 因此都罗山命名为”都罗(都羅)”. 京义线都罗山站位于首尔起点的55.8km处, 6.15南北正常会谈之后在2000年9月开始京义线复原工程, 2002年3月竣工, 在2002年韩.日世界杯之前的4. 11日完工后, 以旅游路线开放于公众. 在这里召开KBS的和平音乐会, 因金大中总统和美国的布什总统访问而受世界的瞩目, 对外国记者们也已全新的旅游胜地而露出了头角.


是随着松岳山OP封闭而代替新建的, 是可以瞭望北韩生活的南韩最北端的展望台, 可通过望眼镜瞭望开城的松鹤山,金日成铜像,机井洞, 开城市边缘, 火车烟囱(长湍站), 锦岩沟(集体农场)等, 总面积为803m²(243坪), 有500座观众席,VIP室,情况室,停车场等辅助设施, 从1987年1月开始公开于公众.


在首尔市厅往北约54km远的临津阁是装满6.25战争悲痛遗憾的地方. 在6,000坪的大地上有地下1层, 地上3层的临津阁是在1972年为北韩的失乡民建造的, 而如今以旅游胜地被众所周知. 这里有传达和平和环境的重要性的京畿平和中心. 而且有铁马想奔跑的铁路中断点, 为北韩失乡民的望拜坛,缅甸Aung San殉国的外交使节慰灵塔, 作为韩国战争的代表遗产在50多年后开放的自由之桥和模仿韩半岛指令的统一莲花池,和平之钟, 美国军参战纪念碑等, 是统一安保旅游胜地. 同时作为南北交流及和好协力的场所举行着很多关于统一的活动. 作为不需要像板门店一样复杂的许可步骤的观光地, 变成了外国人找得最多的地方. 最近开发了小规模的儿童娱乐设施,所以也可以利用海盗船, 迷你列车等.


第三地道是由1974年9月5日归化的北韩的金富成以地道工程情报为依据,从1975年开始做了对文山地区的钻探作业, 但是没有抓住地道的迹象, 直到1978年6月10日钻探工程1个爆发之后便开始实施逆坑道的开凿工程, 在1978年10月17日贯通到敌坑道, 在板门店南方4m处发现了第三地道. 因这个地道的位置离首尔不过52km远,所以被评价说虽然规模上与第二地道相仿,但是侵入首尔比第1.2地道会更具威胁性. 因为离临津阁往西北方向只有4km, 离统一村民宅只有3.5km远, 所以是从首尔开车只要45分就可以到达的距离.

Half Day DMZ tour Itinerary

  • Hotel Pickup (Seoul)
  • Imjingak Park
  • The Bridge of Freedom
  • The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel
  • DMZ Theater & Exhibition Hall
  • Dora Observatory
  • Dorasan Station
  • Pass by the Unification Village
  • Drop off at City Hall or Itaewon

Our DMZ Morning and Afternoon tours include

  • Complimentary Hotel Pickup service
  • Fully licensed tour guide
  • Transportation to and from the DMZ
  • Entrance fees and tickets
  • NO forced shopping stops (unique to VIP Travel)

Additional Notes

  • Please bring your passport on the day for UNC military checkpoints
  • Our Afternoon DMZ tour starting at 11 am requires a minimum of 2 people to join the tour
  • Our Morning DMZ tour has no minimum limit per booking

DMZ(非武裝地帶)-上午 有 9 个评价

  1. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5

    Natalia Ray (验证用户)

    It is our first time in Korea and DMZ visiting was in the “must do” list. The VIP TRAVEL agency DMZ tour was recommended to us by the Myeongdong Tourist Information Center. We were very please by the way the agance treats their customers. After COVID-15 closures a lot of people want to visit DMZ. So to guarantee the entrance to the DMZ the agency even moved our departure time one hour earlier. And we really enjoyed the tour very much. A lot of things depend on the tour guide. Our smart, charming tour guide Nancy was beyond any expectations. She gave us so much interesting information that left us no questions to ask. She was very helpful also when we had any problems with Korean-only speaking people. She made sure each member of the teamNancy ( our whole bus) felt comfortable, was not lost and could enjoy the tour as much as possible. I want to compliment a lot Nancy’s English language skills. She speaks just perfect English ( to be honest, for us, foreigners in Korea, it is very important). I highly recommend the tour and if you can – ask for Nancy as your tour guide.

  2. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5

    Albert Prins (验证用户)

    Nancy was a very good guide, she told is about the history and the present time and s lot of facts

  3. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5

    Kathy and John

    This was an amazing trip. Our tour guide, Sunny, was very informative and kept us on schedule. She was awesome. I’m so glad this tour reopened before we had to leave. If you are looking for that one thing to do this is it. We took the 10:30 tour as we were not staying in Seoul. Pick up was easy at the designated location. Great job!

  4. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5


    Nancy did a fantastic job guiding us!!

  5. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5


    We only had a few days in Seoul so were not sure if we should fit this into our plans or not. So glad we did! We spent just the right amount of time at each stop, no wasted time with forced shopping like other tours do. We were back in Seoul by 2pm and so got to spend the afternoon at the palaces. Big plus was that our guide was very friendly and knowledgable. The half day dmz tour is perfect for those short on time or who want to make the most of their time.

    • Holly is a member of our customer support team here at VIP Travel

      Holly VIP Travel

      Dear , Mohan
      Above all thank you for the review of DMZ half day tour .

      Yes , our tour doesn’t include any forced shopping so there is more time to spend on each stops.
      This is the half day tour is great for the tourist who want to do something on the afternoon and stay in Korea short time .

      We always treat our customer as VIP .
      Thank you

  6. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5

    Jason Davidson

    Well organized from start to finish. Office staff were very efficient. Our guide Moon was exceptional. Fantastic value for money with everything they squeeze into this tour. Now we can say we have visited the DMZ. Can’t recommend enough!

    • Holly is a member of our customer support team here at VIP Travel

      Holly VIP Travel

      Dear, Jason
      Above all thank you for the review of DMZ half day tour .

      Great to hear that you have enjoyed the DMZ tour.
      I will pass it to Moon that you have enjoyed the tour with her 🙂

      We always treat our customers as VIP

  7. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5


    Had a wonderful tour with VIP. Our guide spoke very good English and made the tour extra special. Highlights for us were Dora Observatory and the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel. Would highly recommend to everyone who wants to visit the DMZ while in Korea.

    • Holly is a member of our customer support team here at VIP Travel

      Holly VIP Travel

      Dear, Susan
      Thank you for the reviews !!~

      Great to hear that you have enjoyed the tour with us .
      Please check other tours on our website and join some other tours as well while you are in Korea 🙂

      Thank you

  8. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5

    Paul & Ellen Fredericks

    My wife and I went on an excellent tour of the DMZ with Amy from VIP Travel. The tour gave us a much deeper understanding of Korean history, particularly the separation between the north and the south. The divides that have occurred are balanced with a intense desire for re-unification. Amy was courteous, informed, and very accommodating. She was open to questions and went above and beyond the norm. I would enthusiastically recommend this tour and Amy without hesitation.

    • Holly is a member of our customer support team here at VIP Travel

      Holly VIP Travel

      Dear , Paul & Ellen

      Thank you for the review of the DMZ Tour.
      Yes as the Korea is the only divided country in Korea , this would be unforgettable for travelers.
      I will pass the your review to the Amy, that you enjoyed the tour with her 🙂

      Hope you can join the tour with us next time as well.
      Thank you

  9. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5


    This was my first introduction to the Korean history and tour was very informative. The tour takes you away from the Seoul city into the beautiful landscape of paddy fields and nice view of Han river. The Korean War and its aftermath and how Seoul rebuilt itself into a world class city after complete destruction speaks volumes about the character of Korean people. Despite having faced war and atrocities, Korean people still dream of unification and the remarkable train station is a testimony to that. This review would be incomplete without mentioning Amy, the most amazing and helpful tour guide I have ever come across.She went out of her way to help us get back to our hotels when the streets were crowded with protests. Thank you so much, god bless you Amy!

    • Holly is a member of our customer support team here at VIP Travel

      Holly VIP Travel

      Dear , Arun

      Good to hear that you have enjoyed the tour with us .
      Yes !!!South Korea has developed in short time after war :))
      I will pass the comment from you to the our guide Amy !!

      Hope you can join the tour with us next time as well.
      Thank you

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