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Alpensia Ski Package (1 Day Tour)

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Our Alpensia Ski package offers travelers and residents alike the amazing opportunity to ski one of the newest resorts in Korea! Located roughly 150 km from Seoul, the Alpensia Ski Resort boasts trails that are nearly 1.5 km in length and perfect for all ages and ability levels.

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Rental snowboards on display at Alpensia
There is an entire section of the mountain dedicated to snowboarders!

Many of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics events were held at the Alpensia Ski Resort, including ski jumping, cross-country skiing, luge, bobsleigh, and skeleton! The resort even has an entire section of the mountain dedicated to snowboarders! There’s no easier, more convenient way to enjoy this beautiful resort than our Alpensia Ski package.

Seoul to Alpensia Ski Resort

With our Alpensia Ski package, all you have to do is show up in front of your hotel and let us take care of everything! From round trip transportation to organizing all of your ski gear, our professionally licensed tour guides make sure to take care of every little detail. All that’s left for you is to enjoy a great day of skiing!

The drive to the Alpensia Ski Resort is about 2.5 to 3 hours, roughly the same as the trip to nearby Yongpyong Ski Resort, one of Korea’s preeminent ski resorts. For those looking for a shorter drive, we also offer trips to Jisan Forest Ski Resort as well, just 90 minutes from Seoul!

Our guides are also happy to answer any questions and fill you in on the many interesting aspects of Korea. We are a full service company. Please don’t hesitate to ask our guides for anything that comes to mind. They are there to make sure you enjoy our Alpensia Ski package to the fullest!

Ski Lessons at Alpensia

Included in our Alpensia Ski package are lessons of varying lengths, depending on which of the three packages you choose. Of course, the lessons are optional and conducted by a friendly, helpful guide, who can also show you around and tell you anything you need to know about Alpensia Ski Resort. The lesson’s duration depends on the package you choose (30 minutes or 2 hours) and it’s totally up to you!

Our Three Awesome Alpensia Ski Package Options:

Stunning mountain views at Alpensia
Image Credit: “Alpensia_20170202_04” by KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

We offer three distinct Alpensia Ski packages to cater to the specific needs of your family or group. The packages are tailored for skiers of various ability levels and different goals. We know everyone doesn’t have the same objectives. Depending on your skiing ability and what you’d like to do at the resort, we created a ski package just for you. They are as follows:

Enjoy The Snow (Default option)

Our fun in the snow ski package is perfect for those looking to come to the Alpensia Ski Resort and revel in the snow. Perhaps friends or family are coming to ski and you want to come along to experience the joys of the mountain but don’t actually want to ski. Then our “Enjoy The Snow” default option is perfect for you!

It’s also great for Grandma or Grandpa who can’t wait to see their grandchildren’s bright, smiling faces as they sled down the hill laughing. The resort also offers a wide variety of amenities, including restaurants, bars, and indoor activities! The Alpensia Ski Resort offers something for everyone, even if you don’t ski!

Basic Ski Package option

Our basic ski package will have you flying down the slopes of powdery perfection in no time! In our basic package, we provide: skis, boots, poles, and gloves. All you need to bring are the proper clothes to keep you warm on the slopes. This package also includes a 30 minute lesson to help get you started.

The knowledgeable instructor will either teach you the basics of skiing or improve your expanding skills, whatever you need! They will also fill you in on the tips and tricks of the mountain and which runs are best suited for your ability. This package is perfect for beginners and novices looking to get started in the world of skiing.

Full Ski Package option

Our full ski package takes care of everything and will have you skiing like a pro in no time. This package includes all your gear (ski poles, boots, skis and gloves) and a premium ski suit to keep you comfy on the slopes. You’ll also receive a ski lift pass and a two hour ski lesson! This package is perfect for those who have an understanding of the basics and want to take their skiing to the next level. Many people have marvelled at how much their skiing improved in just one day with our full ski package.

About The Alpensia Ski Resort

The Alpensia Ski Resort, one of the newer ski resorts in Korea, is located in the county of Pyeongchang. It’s also conveniently located just 10 minutes away from Yongpyong Resort, the most extensive ski resort in all of Korea!

An aerial view of Alpensia Ski Resort covered in snow
Image Credit: “Alpensia_20170202_02”by KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

At the Alpensia Ski Resort, you’ll have everything you could possibly need for a great day of skiing fun. There are also luxury restaurants, bars, and delis to sate your appetite after tearing up the slopes. However, if you are looking for a ski resort a bit closer to Seoul, check out our Jisan Ski Resort Package. Jisan, just 90 minutes from Seoul, is perfect for families, first timers, and those just looking for a bit shorter drive.

If you are still unsure which of our Korea ski tours is right for you, feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to help. So what are you waiting for? Come ski with us today!

Note: Goggles and snowboards are not included in the package. However, they are available for rental at the resort for a small fee if required. Meals are also not included but the resort does offer a wide variety of food and beverage options!

Alpensia Tour Schedule (November – March)

This tour runs only during Alpensia’s ski season, usually from November until March. The daily tour time is 08:00-18:30. After booking, a member of our team will be in touch and provide your hotel pick up time.

Alpensia Ski Package Itinerary

  • Seoul Hotel Pickup
  • Alpensia Resort
  • Enjoy Skiing
  • Seoul Hotel Drop off

Our Ski Package Includes

  • Seoul Hotel Pickup & Drop off Service
  • Transportation to and from Alpensia Resort

Enjoy the Snow tour (Default option)

  • Ski Gloves

Basic Ski Package option

  • Ski Gloves
  • Ski Poles
  • Ski Boots
  • Skis
  • Ski Lesson (30 mins)

Full Ski Package option

  • Ski Gloves
  • Ski Poles
  • Ski Boots
  • Skis
  • Ski Lesson (2 hours)
  • Ski Suit
  • Ski Lift Pass

Tour Fee Excludes

  • Meals
  • Snowboards
  • Sleds
  • Goggles

Although not included, these items can be rented for a small fee at the resort if required.



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