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Privacy Policy

First, we collect essential items of Personal Information for the Users of our various online services such as ordering, booking, making a payment, delivering goods or invoice, etc.

Secondly, when you use our service, we may also collect automatically generated information as following:

User’s browser type and OS,IP Address, date andtime of entering the site, and cookie

The company collects Personal Information through the Web site ( where the User enters the information. The company may also collect information gathered in document or email form.

1.Objectives behind Collection of Personal Information and its Usage

  • Making reservations for lodging, changing and checking reservation information, communicating with the reservation holder, confirming reservation, ordering and registering, making a payment, and delivering the goods or invoice.
  • Processing partnership proposal and sending reply result
  • Reporting to Business Ethics Counseling Center and sending reply result

2.Sharing and Providing Personal Information to a Third Party

The company will use a Customer’s Personal Information to the extent only as indicated in “1. Objective behind Collection of Personal Information and its Usage,” but will not provide it to a third party without the Customer’s consent.
However, exceptional circumstances are the following:

  • When we obtain the User’s consent to the disclosure of Personal Information
  • When we are required or requested in good faith to disclose information by law (for example, when requested through appropriate procedure by court order, or other government or law enforcement authority)
  • We may recommend to our job applicants companies that are in partnership with our company. In the event we recommend the job applicant, the Company will go through consent procedures with him or her before sending the application with the personal information.

3.Handling of Personal InformationbyConsignment Agency

The Company does not have contracts with agencies for handling Personal Information.

4.Period for Holding and Using Personal Information

The Company will destroy Personal Information collected from the Customers without delay after the objectives behind collection and use of Personal Information are served. However, the Personal Information collected for the Customers during the reservation process will be archived in our Company’s database and may be used in circumstances necessary for checking reservations.

5.The Procedures and Methods for Destruction of Personal Information

  • Destruction Procedures
    • In order to cancel online membership, Customers may request it by clicking on “Cancel Membership” in “Customer Center/My Account” menu. Also, Customers may, through calling or sending us an E-mail (to, indicating information such as ID, name, and social security number, request termination of their accounts and Personal Information.
    • When forgotten the ID or password of the account, Customers may click on “Customer Center/My Account” and “Find ID/Password”, and enter name, social security number and ID in order to receive the information via the User’s browser or the E-mail address the Customer entered initially for registering. Also, Customers may call or E-mail us to inquire our Privacy Managerabout the information, and we will take the necessary steps.
  • Destruction Methods
    • Personal Information obtained in paper form will be destroyed by a document shredder or incineration.
    • Personal Information obtained in electronic format will be destroyed using technical methods that permanently erases and cannot regenerate the information.

6.Rights of the User and the legal representatives and Methods of Enforcement

  • Users may request inspection, correction, or deletion of their personal information at any time. Customers may write, call or E-mail us to request deletion of their accounts to our Privacy Manager, and we will take the necessary steps.

7.The Installation of Information-Collecting/Managing Device and the Refusal

The Company uses and stores cookies or sessions in its Web site to provide service to the Users of the site. This may include sending cookies, which signify the minimum amount of information for operating the site from the Company’s server (HTTP) to the User’s computer browser. The cookies may be stored in the hard drive of the User’s PC.

  • The Purpose Using Cookies
    • Cookies serve the purpose of preventing multiple popup notices.
  • Installing/Managing and Refusal of Cookies
    • The User has the option to operate cookies. Therefore, the User may adjust the Web browser settings to refuse all cookies or to inform them when a cookie is being place on the hard drive.
    • Method of adjusting browser setting (for Internet Explorer) :Choose the browser’s “Tools” and then “Internet Options.” Click on Privacy Tab.

8.Technical/Administrative Measures to Protect the Personal Information of Customers

The Company implements various technical/administrative security mechanisms to protect Customers’ personal information from being lost, stolen, disclosed, and altered.

  • Password EncryptionThe password that Users enter for registering on the site initially is saved and managed in the way that only the User alone knows the password, and any alteration or inspection on the personal information is conducted only by the person him or herself.
  • Measures Against HackingThe Company is committed to prevent the Users’ personal information from being leaked or damaged due to hacking or computer virus. We are constantly using data backup and up-to-date antivirus programs in order to prevent the Users’ personal information from being disclosed and damaged, and, all of the personal information is sent and received on the network through encryption system. The Company uses firewall in order to control unauthorized access to the site, and it has prepared and continues to make efforts to attain possible technical devices to ensure security of all information provided by Customers.
  • Minimization and Education of Privacy Managing StaffThe Company will limit the number of personnel handling personal information to Customers, regularly renew specific passwords and provide its personnel with continuous security training.
  • Operation of Privacy Task ForceThrough the Company’s Privacy Task Force, we put constant efforts in reviewing our compliance with our Privacy Policy. Upon recognizing any problems in our Privacy Policy, we will take immediate action to resolve them. However, the Company will not be held responsible or liable for the disclosure of personal information such as password and social security number caused by the Users’ negligence, or the problems concerning the Internet.

9.Privacy Manager and Contact Information

A Customer may file a complaint or send his/her inquiry concerning personal information through any of the methods bellows, and upon our receipt of such complaint or inquiry we will take immediate action and notify the result to the relevant Customer.

Privacy Manager

Han su Choi
Reservation Team


Our Privacy Policy does not apply to services offered by other sites that are displayed and linked from our Web site

Any submission that a Customer makes to any public areas such as bulletin boards or through E-mail may be collected and used by others. Users must be wary of the risks of revealing personal information in the online public areas.

The Company does not collect personal information from or make transactions of goods with Users under 19 without the consent from legal representatives.

11.Obligation of Notification

Our privacy policy may change due to changes in the applicable laws and regulations. In the vent we add, delete, or change our privacy policy, we will disclose the description of the change on “Notice” page of our Web site.

  • Notification Date: June 8th, 2009
  • Application Date: June 15th, 2009