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Han River Picnic Tour

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Tour guide, transportation, rental bike, rental shade tent and lunch are included. This tour is not available during the winter and on rainy days.

Free Cancellation When cancelling by 5pm the day before most tours. See Details.


Hotel – Yeouido Hangang Park – Biking – Lunch (fried chicken) – Rest in the shade tent – Seonyudo Park – Hotel


View of the Han River from our picnic spot

Full-day sightseeing with a picnic theme at Han River Park. You can ride a bike in the Han River Park and relax in the shade tent after riding. For lunch, we offer chicken to experience the Korean delivery culture. The last course of the tour is a walk on Seonyudo, the only island within walking distance of the Han River.

Tour Course Information

Yeouido Hangang Park

Someone enjoying our Han River Picnic Tour

The park offers exciting events year-round: the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring, the World Fireworks Festival in the fall, as well as concerts, and marathons. Well-preserved natural areas such as Bamseom and Yeouido Saetgang Tributary provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about nature and ecology. In addition, thanks to the Hangang Renaissance Project, the park is full of new attractions: the Water Light Square, Waterside Fountains, the Waterside Stage, Festival Land, the Piano Waterway, Waterfalls of Light, the Yacht Marina, and more.

Seonyudo Park

Built on area of 114,000㎡, the park consists of Water Purifying Botanical Garden, Aquatic Botanical Garden, an eco-friendly water playground, and more attractions where visitors can appreciate various aquatic plants and an ecological forest. There are also various things to see and areas to take a rest in the park, offering a great chance for visitors to learn about the ecosystem and to experience nature. A pedestrian bridge connecting Seonyudo Island to the Yanghwa area is an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful views of the Hangang River, including the World Cup Fountain and World Cup Park. With colorful lights, the area is gaining popularity as a tourist spot to enjoy the nightscape near the Hangang River.



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