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酒店 → 曹溪寺 → 王宫守门将交接仪式 → 景福宫(周二改为德寿宫) → 青瓦台留影 → 青瓦台舍廊房(每周一休) → 购物 → 市厅或梨泰院解散





景福宫在1395年由太祖李成桂建造成新朝鲜王朝的法宫.因景福宫比起东宫(昌德宫)或西宫(庆熙宫)位于北边所以也曾被称为’北宫’. 景福宫(史迹第117号)在5大宫中炫耀着第一规模和建筑美.


首尔市通过专家的考证从1996年开始再现着朝鲜时代守门军的交班仪式。 王宫守门将交班仪式是可以与英国王室的近卫兵交班仪式相媲美的华丽而有品位的韩国传统宫中文化的再现活动.


曹溪寺作为大韩佛教直辖教区的本社, 是曹溪宗总务院, 中央总会等所在的韩国佛教的中心寺庙. 原来是创建在高丽末(14C末期) 现寿松公园(位于前中东高等学校)的寺庙,
之后因火灾消失(年代不详), 直到1910年由韩龙云, 李喜光大师以各皇寺的名字重新创建. 之后改名为太古寺, 在1936年作为韩国佛教的最高机关履行其角色, 到1954年发生驱逐日本帝国主义残留的佛教净化运动之后改变为现在的曹溪寺. 曹溪山是中国禅佛教的6代祖师惠能大师(638-713)注解的山的名字.


青瓦台以有总统的办公室•接见室•会议室及居住室等的主楼和秘书室•警卫室•春秋馆•迎宾馆等附属建筑物来构成, 而且还有连接到宽广的庭院和北岳山的后院及池塘. 因在主楼2楼的花岗岩石雕上盖上了青瓦, 所以’青瓦台’的名称来源于此.


重装青瓦台对面的古孝子洞舍廊房的青瓦台舍廊房总面积为4,116.98r㎡, 地上2层,地下1层装扮成多样的展示室和体验空间。1层有国家宣传馆,嗨首尔宣传馆等, 2层有总统馆,国政宣传馆,G20休息馆等. ‘总统馆’介绍着与建国生死与共的大韩民国总统的60年历史和从国宾那里收到的礼物及芳名录等来帮助市民们对总统国政哲学和目前国政的理解. 尤其在总统馆设有模拟青瓦台总统办公室的地方,

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  1. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5


    Booked the family on this tour. Was a good amount of time for us to see the changing of the guards and look around the palace before it gets too busy. Timing was god for us as the kids didn’t have enough time to get bored so we were able to enjoy too. Thinking to book the half day folk village tour as well as our guide recommend it as a good option for families with younger ones.

    • Holly is a member of our customer support team here at VIP Travel

      Holly VIP Travel

      Dear, Robin
      Above all thank you for the Rise and Shine to

      Yes the changing of the guards ceremony is kind of interesting for the little ones as as all the guards wear traditional clothes.
      Hope you could join some other tours with us next time when you visit Korea .

      Thank you

  2. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5


    Quick morning tour with the highlight for me being Gyeongbokgung palace. The temple was interesting too as they are usually in the mountains I think. Decided to jump off at Itaewon so I could take a walk around the other side of Seoul in the afternoon. Nice tour as it gives you a quick orientation and then sets you up for the afternoon.

    • Holly is a member of our customer support team here at VIP Travel

      Holly VIP Travel

      Dear, Teddy
      Above all thank you for the review of Reise and Shine tour .

      This is the half morning city tour , so you can be dropped off to the City hall or Itaewon to enjoy your afternoon : )
      You can gain some quick history of Korea with our knowledge tour guide .

      If you ever come back to Korea , Please join some other tours with us
      Thank yoy

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