Panmunjeom (JSA) Tour - Without pick-up service


Panmunjeom (JSA) Tour - Without pick-up service

Available Everyday (Except on Sundays, Mondays, National Holidays and Military Training Days)

09:00 am ~ 17:00 pm
1 Person

Pick up & Drop off

1.This tour is not including pick up service.
2. Drop point will be Lotte Hotel Seoul.


1. Panmunjeom Tour bookings need to be made at least 48 hours prior to your tour.
2. Above itinerary, time and price can be changed depends on the situation.

Payment Guide

1. Cash and credit card, domestic or international are all accepted.
2. All of the costs of products are based on the value of provision.
3. For issuing tax invoice, or payment by credit card, 10% tax is added.
85,000 KRW

Tour guide, transportation, lunch and entrance fees. included


Meeting from Koreana Hotel → Unification Observatory → Imjingak Park → Lunch → ID Check Point → Camp Bonifas (Slides Show and Briefing) → JSA (Freedom House, Conference Room) → Koreana Hotel or Lotte Hotel Seoul

* Above itinerary, time and price can be changed depends on the situation
* Panmunjeom Tour bookings need to be made at least 48 hours prior to your tour
* No Shopping & High Quality


Panmunjeom is located in the demilitarized zone, 50 km north from Seoul and 10 km east from the city of Gaeseong.

This area is most notably known for the peace talks that were held here on October 25, 1951 and was designated as the Joint Security Area on July 27, 1953 when the armistice agreement was signed.

Once used as a management office, Panmunjeom has been used as now a conference room since the Red Cross held an international conference here on September 20, 1971.
It is the only place where North Koreans and South Koreans can come in contact on a daily basis and make efforts towards the peace of Korea.

Tour Course Information

Camp Bonifas

Camp Bonifas

Camp Bonifas was a United Nations Command military post located 400 meters south of the southern boundary of the Korean Demilitarized Zone.[2] It was 2,400 meters south of the military demarcation line and lies within the Joint Security Area (JSA), also known as Panmunjom. The Military Demarcation Line forms the border between South Korea (the Republic of Korea) and North Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of Korea). It was returned to the Republic of Korea in 2006.

돌아오지 않는 다리

Bridge of no Return

It is astride south and the north on the Military Demarcation Line. After the 1953’s armistice, on this bridge there was an exchange of prisoners. The name was derived from the fact that the prisoners of war voluntarily in favor of choosing North Korea were unable to return to South Korea for good. After the murder of two US soldiers in 1976, it was shutdown.


Freedom House

The new freedom house was built in 1998, in the South Korean territory. It provides facilities for south-north Korean meetings and houses the liaison office with North and South Korea. When the original freedom house was built in 1965, Red Cross representatives from the south used it to make contacts with their North Korean counterparts.


It is the place where the armistice agreement was signed in 1953. It is only an 800 square meter area, officially called as joint security area (JSA) by United Nations and North Korean forces where neither the south nor north has jurisdiction. UN and North Korea operate 6 guard posts each and 35 security guards reside in JSA. After the axe murder incident on 1976, security guards cannot walk over the other side’s area.


1. You must be ready and waiting at the Koreana Hotel Seoul (135, Sejongdae-ro (Taepyeong-ro 1st st), Jung-gu, Seoul) on the day of the tour.
2. Koreans cannot make reservations for this tour.
3. Panmunjeom Tour bookings need to be made at least 72 hours prior to your tour.
4. Please make sure to bring your passport for ID check.
5. Certain dress code applies : Normal blue jeans are OK to wear but no sleeveless shirts, t-shirts without the collar, short pants & skirts, sandals, military looking clothes and T-Shirts with flag or name of the nationality on it.
6. This tour is not permitted to children of the age 11 or below.
7. Payment can be arranged on the tour day by cash or credit card.
8. 100% cancellation charge if you cancel the tour 3 days before ~ on the tour day.
9. Above itinerary, time and price can be changed depends on the situation.
10. There are limited seats for Panmunjeom(JSA) tour.