Daily Ski Tour ( Yongpyong or Alpensia Resort )

Two people at Yongpyong Resort getting ready to go skiing
Family Friendly
Group Discount
Bring Passport
Min 2 People
Hotel Pickup


Children (3-9)
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Tour guide, transportation, ski gear rental, ski glove rental and basic lesson (around 20 minutes only). included

Tour Code: 42-4


Hotel → Ski Resort (Yongpyong or Alpensia ) → Enjoy skiing → Hotel


– Yongpyoug Resort
The Yongpyong Resort is located at 700 meters above sea level in Pyeongchang,
Gwangwon-do Province where will host the 2018 Winter Olympics.
It is designated as one of the main ski resorts of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Yongpyong Resort is found at the eastern edge of Asia, about 200km from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. With an annual snowfall average of
250cm, the surrounding area possesses a beautiful environment, which allows you to enjoy skiing with 31 state-of-the art and various ski slopes from mid-November to early April. you will find many other leisure facilities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
The Yongpyong Resort was established in 1975 as the first ever modern facility of its kind in South Korea. Now it is innovating a new leisure culture known
as “Korea’s Ski Mecca” with a growing reputation as an internationally-renowned resort.

⚫VIP TRAVEL specialized in arranging various and customized ski tour programs – VIP TRAVEL recommends you to plan to go on special winter ski tours with your dear family members, friends and lovers to have good memories when you close the year and start the new year.

Point Information
-Seasonal tickets, Ski racing team training, ski class for children and playroom available.
-Sport and safe facilities including conveyer belts and light poles, fitness center, PC room available.

Subsidiary Facilities
Golf club, public golf range, putting, Alpine Sider, swimming pool, sauna, disco, bowling alley, play room, billiards, sledding hill, health club, racquet ball court, PC room, karaoke, archery, bicycles, tennis court, campfire site, survival game, in-line skating, skate scooter, in-service education institute, cafeteria, supermarket, stationery store, photo shop, sports shop, restaurant.

Program Activities
[Operating hours for ’15/’16]
Daytime 08:30~16:30 / DaytimeⅡ 10:00~16:30
Morning 08:30~12:30 / Afternoon 12:30~16:30
Evening 18:30~22:00 / Night 21:00~00:30
Twilight 23:00~02:30 / Daytime+Evening 08:30~22:00
Afternoon+Evening 12:30~22:00
Evening+Night 18:30~00:30
Night+Twilight 21:30~02:30

Tour Course Information

Yongpyong Ski Resort

Yongpyong Ski Resort

The Yongpyong Resort is situated at the center of Korea’s Baekdudaegan Mountains, and sees an average of 250 centimeters of snowfall per season, which makes for excellent skiing conditions. Not only that, but the resort’s enormous seventeen million square meters complex includes a 45-hole golf course, gondolas, swimming pool, and other facilities. This all-season recreational complex allows visitors to escape from daily life and relax.

Yongpyong Resort has an impressive twenty-eight ski slopes, including the popular Rainbow Slopes, and offers excellent facilities for skiers. The park’s fifteen ski-lifts include a 3.7km cable-car and the resort’s ‘Dragon Plaza’ is the largest ski complex in Asia, offering a variety of services for skiers and boarders.

The Yongpyong Resort has even had the honor of hosting a number of international competitions, including the World Cup Ski Competition and the Asian Winter Games. It is consequently one of the most popular ski resorts in Korea, and is frequented by many tourists.

The Yongpyong Resort is a 2-hour car drive away from Seoul, but the resort runs shuttle buses from Seoul during the peak season. Visitors traveling from the Daegu and Yeongnam regions can take the Jungang and Jungbu Inland Expressways, and arrive at Yongpyong Resort within three hours.

Tour Pickup and Drop off

  1. After the reservation is confirmed, our pick-up service will be arranged for the location requested by the customer (only Seoul area).
  2. Pick up time will vary and can be changed depending on your hotel’s location.
  3. Our pick-up service could be delayed depending on the traffic condition.

Tour Specific Information

  1. It is required for all tourists to bring their Passport on this tour.

VIP Travel Refund Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. Cancellation in one day ~ 7 days the reserved date (before 5:00 pm): 100% refund.

2. Cancellation in one day to the reserved date (after 5:00 pm): 100% non-refundable.


Cancellation Panmunjeom(JSA) or DMZ+Panmunjeom(JSA) Tour applies 100% non-refundable if you cancel 5 days before the tour departure date or no show.

Cancellation for any changes in itinerary or destination due to a military events or weather condition, you can visit alternative spots and no refund will be issued.


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