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Han River Cruise Afternoon Tour

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Picture yourself drifting along the peaceful Han River without a care in the world! Our Han River Cruise tour is perfect for those who enjoy the art of slow travel. Packed with beautiful sights and iconic monuments, our tour will introduce you to the mysteries of the sea, guide you through centuries of Buddhism tradition, and allow you to relax and observe the buzzing city life from afar. Don’t miss the chance to experience Seoul from a whole new perspective with our Han River Cruise tour!

Free Cancellation When cancelling by 5pm the day before most tours. See Details.

The Han River – What to expect

Our Han River Cruise tour is a perfect balance of fun, culture, and relaxation. The Hangang (Han River) is the fourth-longest on the Korean Peninsula and the biggest in Seoul, starting from Gangwon-do and flowing alongside the entire city.

Beautiful night views of the Han River during a cruise

During the epoch of Korea’s Three Kingdoms, the river was integral as a trade connection to China via the Yellow Sea. Many battles were fought over it, as whoever controlled the river ensured economic prosperity.

Today, the Han River is an invaluable water source for over 12 million people. Lined with pedestrian and bike lanes, the waterfront offers a beautiful route through the capital.

Our journey centers around the concept of mindful travel. We’ll find our inner zen at an important shrine, enjoy a family-friendly attraction, and get a break from city life, melting into our chairs on a comfortable cruise boat. Seize the opportunity to experience Korea authentically with our tours in Seoul!

Hangang River Cruise Tour – Course Overview

A tranquil night view of the Han River with bright lights glowing off the waterOur tour begins by picking you up from your hotel and heading over to the Coex Aquarium. From there, we’ll soak up the rich tradition of Seoul’s temples at either Jogyesa or Bongeunsa.

Next, we will embark on our Han River Cruise. Floating along this scenic waterway, we’ll take in the stunning city views while indulging in quality time and rest. Finally, we’ll swing by the Amethyst or Ginseng Center before dropping you off at your hotel.

Let us be your guide through the intricate corners of Seoul on our Hangang River Cruise tour!

Dive into the mysteries of the sea at the Coex Aquarium

A giant turtle swimming around its tank at COEX aquarium in SeoulBursting with color and entertainment on every corner, the Coex Mall is without a doubt, one of the most fun places in Seoul! We’ll make our way to the Coex Aquarium that houses a rich collection of marine life.

The aquarium has 183 display tanks that hold over 40,000 marine creatures! We’ll have time to explore the 16 different theme zones. Here, your kids can spot dozens of Dory – the famous Pacific blue tang fish from Finding Nemo, see stingrays, turtles, eels, and even sharks!

Watching 2 mermaids doing a performance in a tank with fish

Populated by schools of tiny fish and adorable manatees, the floor-to-ceiling aquariums serve as a window into the life of sea creatures. Let yourself be amazed and feel childlike wonder as you observe first-hand these whimsical animals!

The Coex Aquarium holds a performance where a skilled diver rides a unicycle in one of the tanks, followed by a dreamy multicolor mermaid gracefully swimming underwater! Depending on scheduling and availability, we may be able to catch this charming show.

Meditate among beauty at Jogyesa or Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple

Looking through the beautiful main entrance gate and into Jogyesa temple
Jogyesa was built in 1395 and features a mix of both royal and temple architectural elements.

Korea has a rich Buddhist history, dating back to the 14th century. On our Hangang cruise tour, we’ll explore the very heart of the tradition at its source.

Jogyesa is the chief temple of Korean Buddhism, founded by the Jogye Order in 1395. The temple welcomes you with its colorful lanterns which symbolize enlightenment.

Inside, you will be greeted by a stunning altar and an ornate ceiling. A calming and peaceful experience, Jogyesa invites many Buddhist followers to spend a moment meditating and praying.

Looking at the stunning Jogyesa Buddhist Temple from within the colorful groundsDharma Hall still plays an important role as it holds a number of Buddhist events, lectures, rituals, and ceremonies.

Bongeunsa is another stunning temple! The shrine is graced by an impressive statue of Buddha and houses over 3,479 scriptures! Each year, the monks celebrate a ceremony called Jeongdaebulsa where they carry the scriptures on their heads and recite the Buddhist rites. Walking around the temple’s neatly organized garden, you’ll see hundreds of grey lanterns gently swaying above your head. Ascending the steps to the main hall, you’ll find three golden Buddha statues – the centerpiece of a lavish altar. Feel free to grab a pillow and meditate for a moment before we continue our tour.

Disconnect from city life and relax in comfort on our Hangang Cruise

The Korean National Assembly Building in Seoul with a statue infront and unique round blue roofWhat better way to disconnect than going on a tranquil river cruise! Our Han River Cruise will allow you to kick back and watch the city in motion around you.

Over the course of our journey, you’ll see the National Assembly Building and the unique 63 Building. On-board the comfortable tour boat, you’ll find plenty of personal space. You can easily grab a cozy chair or a table to have a bite with your loved ones. If you’re looking for unique entertainment, go feed the seagulls! The shop on-board sells special seagull snacks. Just be careful as some may bite!

Everyone listening to the musical performance on the Han River Cruise in Seoul

We will be treated to a live music performance, creating a lovely, romantic atmosphere as the city lights twinkle around us. If you enjoy photography, the cruise will give you plenty of opportunities to take unique shots of Seoul’s skyline.

The late afternoon – evening tour is arguably the best time to go on a cruise, so you can fully wind down after a busy day of discovering the city’s top sights. The cruise will last approximately 40 minutes which is an optimal time to relax and have a drink.

Seize the opportunity to explore the authentic side of Seoul! Get in touch with the marine world, travel back in time at a six hundred year old temple, and recharge your batteries on board a tranquil cruise. Our tour is perfect for the entire family, allowing you the chance to spend quality time with each other and experience three very different sides of the capital. Book our Han River Cruise tour now before spaces run out!

Han River Cruise Tour Itinerary

  • Hotel Pickup (Seoul)
  • Coex Aquarium
  • Buddhist Temple (Jogyesa or Bongeunsa)
  • Han River Cruise
  • Amethyst or Ginseng Center
  • Hotel Drop-off (Seoul)

Our Hangang Cruise experience includes

  • Complimentary Hotel Pickup service
  • Professional tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Entrance Fees and Tickets
  • Han River Cruise Ticket
  • Hotel Drop-off

Additional Notes

  • Please bring your passport on the tour as Korean law requires a cruise passenger manifest. Thank you.


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