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Hwaseong Fortress tour + Korean Folk Village

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Korea is incredibly rich in both art and stunning architectural sights that have stood the test of time and carry an enormous historic significance. Our Hwaseong Fortress tour introduces you to the most iconic fortress in the country, letting you enjoy a peek inside the royal world of the Joseon Dynasty. Treat your inner explorer to an incredible day trip, exploring authentic tradition and marveling at jaw-dropping nature views with our Suwon Hwaseong Fortress & Korean Folk Village tour!

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Suwon Fortress Tour – What to Expect

Looking at stretch of Suwon's Fortress wall with bright purple coloured flowers running alongside itAre you ready to take a journey back in time and see Korea’s most important and beautiful fortress? Hwaseong Fortress was built all the way back in 1796 during the Joseon Dynasty by King Jeongjo. Its purpose was to honor the king’s father as well as help the city of Suwon-si become an independent economic powerhouse.

The fortress stretches over five and a half kilometers and was specifically designed as a powerful shield from attacks using an innovative architectural technique. In fact, the method used for its construction was very precise and involved using bricks – Seokjae and Jeondol, leaving holes just big enough to let bullets, spears, and arrows go through.

At Hwaseong Fortress a UNESCO World Heritage site in Suwon on a clear and beautiful dayOn our Hwaseong Fortress tour, you are about to discover the very special aspects of the structure. There are military facilities that you can not find anywhere else, as well as four gates looking out to the cardinal directions. Marvel at the pavilion that has the most stunning natural views! Suwon Fortress has been through turbulent times, having been badly damaged and restored, making it a very significant historic point in Korea.

What also makes it unique is that even though it has been heavily restored and rebuilt, it has still been registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. This was in part due to it being built in the exact same place and following the exact same specifications as the original. All this being possible due to having detailed and accurate blue prints very well preserved.

Visitors to the Folk Village trying out the Joseon punishment systems
Try out the Joseon dynasty style punishment systems on your friends or loved ones.

After our visit to the fortress, we will dive into the authentic charm of the Folk Village and indulge in three exciting performances! Our Suwon Hwaseong Fortress & Korean Folk Village tour is the ultimate treat for those who enjoy discovering history and experiencing cultural tradition first-hand. Join us for the trip of a lifetime!

This popular tour is a combination of a morning visit to Hwaseong Fortress followed by our afternoon Korean Folk Village tour. It’s the perfect option for a full day of fun and activities while offering an insight into what it was like to live during the Joseon dynasty.

Hwaseong Fortress Tour – Course Overview

We begin by picking you up from your hotel in Seoul. We will make our way to the iconic Hwaseong Fortress, followed by a delicious lunch. Then, our Hwaseong Fortress tour heads over to the Folk Village. On the way back, we’ll briefly stop at either the Amethyst or Ginseng Center before dropping you off at your hotel.

Join us on our Day Trips from Seoul and discover Korea well beyond the city, taking advantage of our door-to-door service!

Hwaseong Fortress – Discover a Powerful Structure that Has Persisted For Centuries

The first stop on our Suwon Hwaseong Fortress tour is the iconic fortress. Upon arrival, you will see its impressive size and scope.

Walking along the wall on our Hwaseong Fortress tour in Suwon
One of the stops on our Hwaseong Fortress tour in Suwon.

Notice the four gates here – there is Janganmun that faces to the north, Paldalmun to the south, Changnyongmun to the east, and Hwaseomun to the west. The four gates face to the cardinal directions and the Sumun gates in a seven-arch style reach the nearby stream, ensuring complete protection.

While the stones used to build the fortress are extremely heavy, it actually wasn’t too hard to stack them, as the architect, Jeong Yak-Yong, invented a special technique called “‘Geojunggi” to lift them up with a lever (hwalcha), reducing the building time tremendously.

There are a few key points that you will discover. One of the military structures at Hwaseong Fortress used to defend the walls.Yeonmudae Post is an observation post sitting on a high hill between Changryongmun and Hwahongmun. The views here are simply stunning which makes the post a fantastic place to take photos!

The other key spot to explore is Hwaseong Haenggung Palace. This was the place where the king and his family retired during times of war. King Jeongjo had a deep appreciation for his late father, so he would come here to worship his tomb.

Since the palace is very beautiful, it was used to host various significant events such as Queen Hyegyeonggung Hong’s 60th birthday. Walking through the palace, you can simply imagine the great feasts that were held here! You will have plenty of space to explore on our Suwon Fortress tour, feeling as if you’ve stepped back in the 19th century!

Immerse Yourself in the Magic of the Folk Village & Marvel at Three Performances

Mother and daughter playing a traditional folk game at a Folk Village in Yongin
Try playing one of the traditional folk games at the folk village. Get the dart in the vase.

Next up on our Suwon Fortress tour we will travel back to simpler times and experience what it was like to live as a Joson villager at the Folk Village! This is a live replica of a traditional village where you can see the exact homes of peasants, landowners, and the ruling class under Joseon rule.

The charm of the village lies in the fact that everything is authentic – there is no electricity and the whole set up is deeply connected with nature. You will walk around beautiful narrow streets, passing streams and trees that bloom seasonally.

Lady posing with two Nongak performers
Posing with the Nongak (Korean traditional farmer’s dance) performers.

Our Suwon Hwaseong Fortress tour has a special treat for you here! You will witness three exciting traditional performances. First, there is the Farmers Music & Dance where actors play Samulnori music and dance in a beautiful formation as a form of a prayer for good yearly harvest.

The second show is traditional Tight Rope Walking where a skilled acrobat performs amazing jumps and tricks combined with a comedy routine that will have you laughing at the top of your lungs!

Finally, you will experience a Martial Art & Acrobatic Performance where actors perform complicated structures such as human pyramids on the back of a moving horse! This show is unlike anything you have ever seen, so prepare to be seriously impressed!

Kickstart your travels with our Hwaseong Fortress tour that will take you back to Joseon times, visiting the most glorious fortress in Korea and experiencing the authentic environment of the Folk Village! Indulge in the trip of a lifetime with our tailored tour and seamless door-to-door service!

Hwaseong Fortress tour Itinerary

  • Hotel Pickup
  • Suwon Hwaseong Fortress
  • Lunch
  • Korean Folk Village
  • Amethyst or Ginseng Center
  • Hotel Drop-off

Our Suwon Fotress tour includes

  • Free Hotel Pickup and drop-off service
  • VIP tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Entrance Tickets


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