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Icheon Pottery + Folk Village Experience

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Do you love exploring art and tradition? How would you like to immerse yourself in one of Korea’s finest pottery workshops, and then embark on an exploration of tradition by following in the footsteps of the Joseon Dynasty? If the answer is Yes, then our Icheon Pottery and Folk Village tour is right up your alley!

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What to expect

This is a tour bundle made up of our morning Icheon Pottery Village tour and our afternoon Korean Folk Village tour. It offers the best value for those who are interested in visiting both places.

Green colored Icheon style ceramics from Icheon Pottery Village
Credit: “Céramiques d’Icheon” by Gaël Chardon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Our tour takes you back to Joseon times, exploring the art and lifestyle of the era. You will enjoy a full day of activities and cultural experiences, including pottery painting and trying out traditional experiences such as farming tools and punishments.

The Pottery Village is a hotspot for high-quality Korean ceramics which became popular during the time of the Joseon Kingdom. The village’s location was perfect for obtaining good materials with ease which is why the area enjoyed prominence for 500 years!

Today, this area is also home to the Cheongja, Baekja, and Buncheong ceramics with more than 80 factories and 300 pottery chambers present today. Icheon is a wonderful place to explore and shop for high-quality gifts made with care.

A family posing for a picture inside a traditional folk village
Exploring a live size replica of a real Joseon village.

Have you always wanted to travel back in time and live in a simpler way? The other distinct location we will explore on our tour is the Folk Village which is a live replica of an authentic village during the Joseon Era and is a wonderful way to experience the olden life. The architecture here reflects the three societal classes of the era, nestled among peaceful nature.

Indulge in a day full of cultural connection and stimulate your inner artist on this full day tour! Discover the beauty of Korea beyond the city with our Day trips from Seoul!

A Day Full of Tradition & Culture – Course Overview

In the morning, we will pick you up from your hotel in Seoul and head over to the Pottery Village. There are plenty of workshops and entertainment waiting for us there, such as the Icheon Municipal Museum, a pottery demo, and the chance to do some painting.

We will then indulge in a traditional lunch, followed by a visit to the Folk Village in the afternoon. On our way back to Seoul, we will make a stop at a shopping center, and finally, drop you back off at your hotel for your complete comfort and convenience.

Icheon Pottery Village – Korea’s Pottery Hub

The ceramics that can be found here are both traditional Joseon Era pieces as well as modern works. As you will find out, the materials used in ceramics are extremely important. The Ceramics Village only uses the highest quality materials to create the pieces known as the “Living Cultural Treasures of Korea”. This is an amazing place to shop for high-quality goods that would be great gifts for your family and friends.

A Korean pottery master hard at work moulding a clay vase
Credit: “IMG_6550” by foot fingers is licensed under CC BY 2.0

We’ll guide you through the City Museum, also known as the Municipal Museum. This is where you will learn all about the history of pottery, exploring the folk relic hall, the agricultural history hall, and the relic donation hall. Make sure to notice the beautiful exterior of the museum – it has been modeled after Changgyeong Palace. Take note of the beautiful pottery on display, because at our next stop you’ll have the unique chance to meet the master who made some of the items on display, creating an extra special experience!

Ready to try your hand at painting some pottery? During this part of the tour you will meet the master pottery artist who’s pieces were on display in the museum and designated as an “Intangible Heritage” by the South Korean government! You will be able to watch him skilfully crafting some new pieces before having the opportunity to do some of your own pottery painting. You will receive your very own cup to paint however you like as a beautiful memory from our day in Icheon!

Lunch – Enjoy an Elaborate Hanjeongsik Meal Accompanied by the Best Local Rice

After exploring the magic of the Pottery Village, we’ll enjoy a traditional Korean lunch. Icheon is famous for its good quality soil which produces delicious rice. On our tour, we’ll treat you to a special lunch – Hanjeongsik.

A table covered with many Korean dishes known as Hanjeongsik
Credit: “KORAIL_Gangjin_Gun_05” by KOREA.NET is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Back in the day, Hanjeongsik was known as “the meal of the kings”, because the table spread was so lavish and rich. This is a full course meal made up of small side dishes, known as banchan and rice. Be sure to take photos of the impressive spread of dishes you are about to see before you!

Some of the main delicacies at a traditional Hanjeongsik include Korean pancakes, eel, soybean paste stew, raw fish, patbab (a mix of beans, rice, and nuts), kimchi, porridge, and hotpot. The beauty of Hanjeongsik is that it is deeply rooted in tradition, so the meal has to follow a ying-yang system of balance, according to the philosophy of Eumyang Ohaeng.

The sides typically include grilled, steamed, boiled, and fried dishes in five particular colors – white, red, green, blue, and black. Prepare to experience a real treat for your senses on our!

Korean Folk Village – Live the Magic of Simpler Times

Watching a traditional samulnori performance in Korea
Watching a traditional Korean Samulnori performance. One for the 3 shows at the Folk Village.

The Folk Village is a very special place, as it is an authentic live replica of a Joseon Village. You will have lots of freedom to explore the grounds and tour three types of traditional houses that correspond to each societal class. The beauty of the village is that you have lots of freedom to roam around and choose your own adventure. Feel free to stop and interact with the performers as they are always in character.

The highlight of our visit to the Folk Village are three exciting shows that we get to witness. First, the farmers’ dance accompanied by samulnori music will pay tribute to harvest season as was typical to do during Joseon times. Then, a skilled acrobat will entertain you with a comedy routine as he performs intricate tricks bouncing on a tight rope. Finally, you will be at a loss for words as you watch a group of performers form pyramids and a series of difficult poses on the back of moving horses!

Join us as we explore a beautiful and traditional Korean art, eat like the Joseon kings, and explore the grounds of the most magical village in the country on our Icheon Pottery and Folk Village tour!

Tour Itinerary

  • Hotel Pickup in Seoul
  • Icheon Ceramics Village
  • Icheon Municipal Museum (closed every Monday)
  • Pottery Painting
  • Delicious Local Lunch
  • Folk Village (Farmers Music & Dance, Tight Rope, Equestrian Feats)
  • Shopping Center
  • Hotel Drop-off

Our Full Day Tour Includes

  • Hotel Pickup service
  • VIP tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Entrance Fees and Tickets
  • Korean Style Lunch (Vegetarian option available)


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