Korea History Experience Tour

People learning Korean traditional archery
Family Friendly
Group Discount
Bring Passport
Min 3 People
Hotel Pickup


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Tour guide, transportation and entrance fees. included

Tour Code: S-1C
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Hotel → Nanji Hangang Park Archery Range → Gongpyeong Historic Sites Museum → Gahoe Museum (Making traditional fan) → Arrive at Hotel.


It is a cultural experience and historical tour that can experience making traditional fan or korean palace which can see the life of the people of Hanyang during the Joseon Dynasty where 600-year-old Buddhist monasteries have been built over 600 years ago.

Tour Course Information

Gahoe Museum

Opened in 2002, Gahoe Museum exhibits folk paintings and amulets reflecting the lifestyle and wishes of the Korean people from ancient times. Inside the Hanok gallery, visitors can immerse themselves in the traditions of Korea, including old paintings depicting people’s lifestyle in the past and religious beliefs, and roof tiles in the shape of humans or goblins. Visitors will also find folding screens and religious objects used in the past that show skills and knowledge of Korean ancestors.

Gongpyeong Historic Sites Museum

The completed Gongpyeong Historic Sites Museum displays the various relics and building structures of a neighborhood which managed to remain undisturbed for over 600 years, allowing visitors a closer look at the daily lives of people who had lived back in the Joseon Dynasty.

Nanji Hangang Park Archery Range

Chances are most of you probably won’t have any experience in this particular sport. As one of Korea’s main fortes in the Olympics where they regularly pick up gold, try it out for yourself at the Nanji Archery Field. Operated by the Korea National Bow Culture Globalization Association, the field houses 10 different targets at a distance of 150m. Whatever you do, please don’t try to do your William Tell impersonation and shoot an apple off your buddy’s head. Make sure to get in ample practice before trying anything that ridiculous and tempting.


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