Korea House Seoul (Full Course Dinner and Show)

Traditional Korean style full course meal being served at Korea House
Family Friendly
Group Discount
Bring Passport
Min 2 People
Hotel Pickup


Children (3-9)
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Tour guide, transportation and entrance fees. included


Hotel → Korea House (Dinner included) → Traditional Performance → Meet and greet with performers → Hotel


Korea House offers and authentic Korean traditional cuisine followed by various folk performances. By watching Korean traditional performance, you can find Korean music, dance, songs and instruments given mostly by the intangible cultural assets.

Tour Course Information

Korea House

A traditional Korean meal known as Hanjeongsik comes with lots of side dishesThe Korea House was built to promote traditional Korean culture among both Koreans and foreigners. The place sells traditional Korean food and cultural artifacts while also staging traditional performances and wedding ceremonies. At the Korea House, you can try traditional Korean dishes based on the royal cuisine of the Joseon Dynasty.


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