Snow Sled Tour

Father and son having fun snow sledding together
Family Friendly
Group Discount
Bring Passport
Min 2 People
Hotel Pickup


Children (3-9)
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Tour guide, transportation and ski glove rental. included

Tour Code: 42-1B


Hotel → Ski Resort ( Enjoy the Snow Sled ) → Amethyst / Ginseng Center → Hotel


The Jisan Forest Resort, which opened in December 1996, makes for the perfect one-day trip from Seoul. It is located only forty minutes from the capital and is covered with beautiful white pines.
The Jisan Forest Resort’s state-of-the-art snow management system works to overcome the weather near the Seoul area and sustain great quality snow. The resort offers nighttime skiing for businessmen and is also perfect for beginners, making it a great getaway for the entire family.
Jisan Forest Ski Resort is a small ski field perfectly suited to families, learners and snowboarders wanting a day out on the mountain. Last time we visited, we stayed in the small city of Yongan-Si, which is considered to be part of the great Seoul metropolitan area and only a mere 15 minute drive from the resort. Generally, it takes about 40 minutes from Gangnam, south of Seoul.
At a relatively low elevation, the resort relies on snowmaking and the gradients are slight. That being said, there is a great snow park and half pipe set up for boarders and skiers keen to test their aerial skills. So good in fact that the park facilities are often used for rail jam and snowboarding competitions. In total, there are 7 main ski slopes and 3 sub-slopes accessed by 5 high-speed lifts. A bonus for city dwellers, Jisan Forest offers nearly round-the-clock slope time, perfect for a night out up the mountain.
This place may not appeal to the avid skier or snowboarder keen for some serious slope time, but it has a lovely charm and good facilities. If you are a first-timer and only have a couple days to spare, this resort is the perfect place. Young families looking for convenience and good facilities for kids, look for further. And if you don’t feel like driving back to Seoul or are looking for a weekend away, Jisan Forest Ski Resort also has on resort condominium-style accommodation. There is a ski house at the bottom of the mountain and the resort services include ski school, rental equipment and a great childcare facility. There are plenty of dining options, including Japanese, burger and pizza joints and a cafes.
Furthermore, the Ichon ceramics complex is a mere 15 minutes away, offering a variety of sights to see and ceramicware experience programs to enjoy. Everland Amusement park and a hot springs complex are also located very close by.

Pick up & Drop off

1. Pick-up service may be delayed depending on the traffic condition.
2. After the reservation is confirmed, pick-up and drop-off service will be held at the location requested by the client.


1. Pick up time can be changed depends on your hotel location (Only Seoul area).
2. Lunch, ski lift pass, ski suit rental, ski gear rental are not included.
3. Payment can be arranged on the tour day by cash or credit card.
4. There is 100% of cancellation charge on the day.

Payment Guide

1. Cash and credit card, domestic or international are all accepted.
2. All of the costs of products are based on the value of provision.
3. For issuing tax invoice, or payment by credit card, 10% tax is added.

VIP Travel Refund Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. Cancellation in one day ~ 7 days the reserved date (before 5:00 pm): 100% refund.

2. Cancellation in one day to the reserved date (after 5:00 pm): 100% non-refundable.


Cancellation Panmunjeom(JSA) or DMZ+Panmunjeom(JSA) Tour applies 100% non-refundable if you cancel 5 days before the tour departure date or no show.

Cancellation for any changes in itinerary or destination due to a military events or weather condition, you can visit alternative spots and no refund will be issued.


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