Strawberry Farm Tour

A couple picking strawberries during our Strawberry Farm tour
Family Friendly
Group Discount
Bring Passport
Min 2 People
Hotel Pickup


Children (3-9)
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Tour guide, transportation and entrance fees. included


Hotel → Strawberry Farm → Picking Strawberry → Making Strawberry Jam → Amethyst / Ginseng Center → Hotel

*group of 4 people : 80,000 KRW per person .


Let’s enjoy the Strawberry Farm with picking and making jam experience!
Visitors can pick their own strawberries and participate in a variety of activities and programs at the Strawberry Village.

Tour Course Information

Strawberry Picking

The Farm is located in Namyangju, in Gyeonggido Province the eastern side of Seoul city. From center of Seoul to the farm, It takes about 1 hour. The strawberry farm consists of vinyl greenhouses. They keep the temperature warm even in cold winter. Strawberry season in Korea is from January to May. You can taste strawberries while you pick them. But, Please do not throw away strawberry’s stem on the ground. At the entrance of vinyl greenhouse, you can find trash can.

Pick up & Drop off

1. Pick-up service may be delayed depending on the traffic condition.
2. After the reservation is confirmed, pick-up and drop-off service will be held at the location requested by the client.


1. Pick up time can be changed depends on your hotel location (Only Seoul area).
2. Payment can be arranged on the tour day by cash or credit card.
3. There is 100% of cancellation charge on the day.

Payment Guide

1. Cash and credit card, domestic or international are all accepted.
2. All of the costs of products are based on the value of provision.
3. For issuing tax invoice, or payment by credit card, 10% tax is added.

VIP Travel Refund Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. Cancellation in one day ~ 7 days the reserved date (before 5:00 pm): 100% refund.

2. Cancellation in one day to the reserved date (after 5:00 pm): 100% non-refundable.


Cancellation Panmunjeom(JSA) or DMZ+Panmunjeom(JSA) Tour applies 100% non-refundable if you cancel 5 days before the tour departure date or no show.

Cancellation for any changes in itinerary or destination due to a military events or weather condition, you can visit alternative spots and no refund will be issued.


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