Strawberry Farm Tour in Korea (During December to June)

Today’s tour is ‘Strawberry Farm Tour’!! Let’s go~!

The Farm is located in Namyang-ju, in Gyeonggi-do Province the eastern side of Seoul city.

From center of Seoul to the farm, It takes about 1 hour.

You can get around farm by subway, too. The farm is nearby Ungilsan station of Gyeongui Line.

On the way to the farm, You will see Han gang river.

It is fourth longest river in Korea with 514km long flow. Han means big and sacred. Gang means river. The water is used for industrial, agricultural and living purpose.

When you cross the Paldang bridge, you will find totally different scenery and atmosphere from city. Namyangju, the suburban area surrounded with Han river and nature shows beautiful scenery.

The strawberry farm consists of vinyl greenhouses. They keep the temperature warm even in cold winter. Strawberry season in Korea is from January to May.


Firstly, we will get inside one of them and pick strawberries.

Before entering vinyl greenhouse, There are some precautions.

  1. Please do not cross ridges.
  2. Please do not run and mess around in the farm.
  3. Please do not pick strawberry flowers.
  4. Please pick only ‘ripe’ ones.
  5. Please put your strawberries only in given plastic container.
  6. Please Put the lid back on after you finish picking strawberries.
  7. Please do not throw away strawberry on the ground.
  8. Please do not touch bee and hive.

**You can taste strawberries while you pick them. But, Please do not throw away strawberry’s stem on the ground. At the entrance of vinyl greenhouse, you can find trash can.

There are ridges with strawberry and flower. The yellow box is hive. Be careful not to touch or open that. On both sides of vinyl house, Green onions are planted.


Strawberry came to Korea from America through Japan in 20 century. In 2002, We did plant breeding for Korean strawberry and it was successful. Due to soft and sweet taste, It became popular in the east asian market.

Strawberry flower looks cherry blossom with white petal.

Keep picking strawberries until the box could be closed~!

They completed picking strawberries. Then, We moved to the other vinyl house to make strawberry jam!

There are many tables and seat set for making jam activity. Sometimes, Families and big group tourist from kindergarten and schools visit here to enjoy farm activities.

The host is making strawberry jam in big pot. That is the quantity for 30 mans!

Strawberry, sugar and pan are prepared for us. (The strawberries are additional ones that the host prepared.) It looks quite less than the host’s oneJ

It is 2 parts of strawberry to 1 part of sugar. The more you add sugar, The longer you can keep the jam

Mash and squeeze them with hand.

Boiling it, We will stir it for 20 minutes.


Please stir it continuously. It becomes pink.

Stop boiling and stir it with a little lemon juice. Lemon juice helps it to be stored longer.

After cooled down, It looks like normal strawberry jam with dark red color!

Put it in the bottles and Have a taste the jam with cracker. It is so sweet


They sell the matured in honey strawberry. You can drink it with water as tea or with carbonated water as ade.

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Strawberry Farm Tour


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