DMZ(Korea Demilitarized Zone) Tour, Must see South Korea tourist attraction

Korea Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) – Must see South Korea tourist attraction

Today is a clear sunny Saturday and we are off to the afternoon tour of the Korea Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)!

The group of about 30 of us gathered near Itaewon subway station at 11am and off we went on a get-to-know North Korea journey!

Duration of afternoon tour: 11am-5pm

Places of attractions: Imjingak, 3rd Underground Tunnel, Dorasan Observatory and Dorasan Train Station

This post will mainly be pictures. To read about the details of DMZ, please visit here 

» First Stop: Imjingak
dmz - Imjingak

This unique structure is picture worthy. Not just that, it houses numerous restaurants, cafes and stores selling Korea products. The view from the top level of the structure provides a bird eye view of the Imjingak area!

dmz - Imjingak

dmz - Imjingak

dmz - Imjingak

Mailboxes are available for letters to be posted. Postcards left in the red box will be delivered to senders after a period of one year. We can also choose to post in the brown box, which will be shown in exhibitions.

Cute statues are placed alongside the entrance of the wooden bridge.

dmz tour
A tranquil atmosphere as people stroll along the wooden bridge and a peaceful garden can also be seen below the wooden bridge.

At the end of the wooden bridge is an area filled with South Korea’s national flags and colorful ribbons with messages penned by people for the dispersed families.

The freedom bridge - DMZ Tour
The freedom bridge can be seen from afar. This railway bridge was named after the prisoners-of-war (POWs) returned to South Korea via this bridge when the Korea War ceased in 1953.

A bird eye view of Imjingak from the top level of the Imjingak structure building.

A song was created to commemorate the dispersion of the Korean families. A button can be pressed to hear the song.

There is also a Korean traditional food and snacks stall for our hungry stomachs!

» 2nd Stop: 3rd Underground Tunnel

Over here, we watched a 8 minutes video which gave us a glimpse into the history of DMZ and the various underground tunnels that North Koreans tried to use to infiltrate South Korea. Thereafter, we went on a short museum tour and lastly, we visited the underground tunnel.

DMZ and the various underground tunnels

DMZ and the various underground tunnels

DMZ and the various underground tunnels
Lockers are provided to place personal belongings and cameras as no cameras are allowed in the underground tunnel.

Souvenir shop selling DMZ souvenirs and products.

» 3rd Stop: Dorasan Observatory

Over here, we got to view North Korea’s territory using the binoculars.

Dorasan Observatory
A guard post at the South Korea side that overlooks the North Korea’s territory.

» Last Stop: Dorasan Train Station

This train station was initially built with its main intention to connect South Korea to Pyeongyang, the capital of North Korea. However, the tension between the two countries have led to the cessation of train operations.

For more information about the DMZ afternoon tour, please visit here.

For more details about the DMZ, please visit here.

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