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Let it snow, a cold and fun tour outside of Seoul - Ski tour in Korea

viptravel 2017.02.22 3461

Jisan Ski Resort Tour- Let it snow, a cold and fun tour outside of Seoul in Korea

This weekend, we went on a VIP Travel tour to Jisan Ski Resort. Meetup location was at Itaewon at 8am and the 8 of us (including the English-speaking guide) travelled to Jisan Ski Resort in a 9-seater car. The journey was shorter than expected and only took about 1 hour.

Magnificent view of the snow-covered mountain slopes

Jisan Ski Resort Map showing the locations of the various ski clothing rental stores and ski resorts

Before proceeding to the ski resort, we went to the neighboring e ski rental shop for our ski clothing rental.

I was really taken aback (in a good way) when I entered the ski clothing rental store. It did not feel like a place for you to rent ski clothing but more like a hotel reception. It is really a very spacious and luxurious ski clothing rental store and is very different from the other stores. There is a heater in the middle of the room to keep you warm and you can also get yourself a cup of coffee from the coffee machine.

Snacks are sold at affordable prices like convenience store prices. I decided to grab a bread to prepare for the ski lesson later!


Beautiful snowboards for rental in e-ski. You may also rent snowboards at Jisan Ski Resort itself.

Not only does the ski clothing rental store looks luxurious, guests are treated with great service. Their friendly staff were waiting patiently near the clothes rack to help us to choose our ski clothing. There were a huge variety of ski clothing in various designs and colors to choose from. They provide 2 kinds of ski clothing-the normal one and the thicker one. The normal ones cost 20,000 and the thicker ones cost 30,000. It is recommended to get the thicker one if one were afraid of the cold (as it will be colder in ski resorts than in Seoul) or if one were to ski from the higher slopes (which would be colder). I decided to go with the normal thickness ones.


There are also lots of fitting rooms (with mirrors) to try on the clothing.

After getting myself the ski clothing, I proceeded to the boots and gloves rental section. The gloves were already laid out nicely on the table and were separated by genders.

The friendly staff helped me to measure my foot size and even helped me to wear the ski boots! Their service was remarkable.

I’m all prepared for skiing! Walking to the ski resort by foot took about 5-10 minutes. Really near!


As the ski clothing rental store does not provide rental service of ski equipment, we had to rent them at Jisan Ski Resort itself.

Lots of Koreans and tourists came to ski on a Sunday! The rental house was bustling with people. Still, we took the queue and collected our ski equipment in no time!

Helping each other to check on our clothing before starting to learn skiing.

There are many slopes to choose from at Jisan Ski Resort. They are separated by their level of difficulty, and skiers would have to take the ski lifts to get to the top of the slopes. Since we are beginners, we were led to the beginner slope, where we would start by learning the basics of skiing.

Some warm up exercises to prepare our bodies for skiing

Our guide started by teaching us how to hold the ski poles properly.

We were then taught the 2 basic foot positions, how to stop and how to fall down correctly.

We are all prepared…

And ready for some action!

Our guide cum teacher was always there to give a hand for us beginners.

We fell down during practice but we had fun!

After a morning of skiing, we became hungry and started hunting for food. There were lots of food and snack selection at Jisan Ski Resort.

There is even a caf_ with open air seating facing the slope. How cool is that!

The food court has floor-to-ceiling windows for a great view of the skiers and the snow-covered slopes.


Nothing tasted better than a bowl of piping hot ramen in the cold ski resort.

After lunch, I’m all ready to explore other parts of the ski resort! The weather was really beautiful and clear. I got to see many experienced skiers making their way down the slopes and it was a magnificent view.

Slopes were separated by height and level of difficulty. Ski lifts must be taken to go to the top of the different slopes.

There was also a snow sledge section for kids or adults who do not mind having a bit of fun! These scenes were seen via Korean variety shows like “Superman Returns”. Does the scene remind you of Daehan, Minguk, Manse’s trip to the ski resort with their father?

And this marks the end of my ski trip to Jisan ski resort. We ended the ski tour at 3pm and reached Seoul at around 4pm.


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