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Jeju Island Tour (3 Days 2 Nights)

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Sprawling green meadows, endless blue skies, cliffs and ridges jutting out in the distance – Jeju Island is a slice of paradise. Dubbed the “Hawaii of Korea,” this is the largest island in the country providing ample space for nature tourism and outdoor activities. If you’re looking for jaw-dropping views and incredible photo opportunities, consider our Jeju Island tour!

Free Cancellation When cancelling by 5pm the day before most tours. See Details.

Jeju Island – What to expect

Jeju Island is one of the top UNESCO World Heritage attractions, thanks to its unique biosphere reserve and geographical makeup. The island’s foundation covers a lava plateau allowing you to experience a rugged volcanic landscape. The island itself is more than two million years old!

A woman picking Hallabong a fruit similar in appearance and color to an orangeAlso famous for its black pig pork bbq, unique seasonal fruits and of course seafood dishes, Jeju Island offers both experiences and tastes that cannot be found anywhere else.

You will explore a diverse landscape of alpine forest, spacious grassland, and deep blue water. This is the home to many endangered species of plants and animals, including the Steller sea lion. Our tour to Jeju Island is ideal for those looking to disconnect from city life and experience nature in its purest form.

Jeju do tour – Course Overview

Overlooking one of the picturesque Jeju-do beaches from a cafe on a clear dayOur Jeju tour has a rich and diverse itinerary that will keep you entertained throughout! We’ll officially commence the tour in Seoul, where we’ll pick you up from your hotel and comfortably deliver you to the airport. From here, you’ll take a short domestic flight (1 hour) to Jeju Island and dive right into the adventure!

Some of the highlights of our first day include exploring the famous Yongduam Rock, followed by a drive along the Mysterious Road. We’ll soak up the spectacular vistas of Mount Songak and head out to Dragon Head Coast to see the bustling Cheonjiyeon Waterfall.

Looking at Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak from a distance with clear blue skies and lots of colorsDay two will be equally as dynamic. We’ll immerse ourselves into the spaciousness and tranquility of the Jeju Horse Pasture and learn about local culture at the Seongeup Folk Village. Our Jeju do tour will continue with another round of awe-inspiring views at the Seongsan Sunrise Peak followed by a descent into the iconic Manjanggul Cave, and Saryeoni Forest.

The final day of our Jeju Island tour will be a bit slower-paced. We’ll visit Halim Park and Suwol Peak, after which we’ll make our way to the airport, fly you back to Seoul and conveniently deliver you to your hotel. Each day of our tour will provide the perfect balance of exciting nature activities, rest, and exploration. Have a look at our Korea tour packages for more overnight trips and choose the perfect adventure for you and your family!

Discover the legend of Yongduam Rock and see nature in motion

Jeju Island has a very unique topography. Due to its volcanic nature, there are plenty of peculiar rock formations. Yongduam Rock is the most famous of all, created by the immense force of winds and waves over thousands of years.

A view of Yongduam Rock with the sea and coastline behindLegend has it that a dragon was stealing precious jade from Mount Halla, so the mountain god shot him down. Upon falling to Yongduam, the dragon’s body sank in the water but his head remained. You guessed it – the dragon’s head is Yongduam Rock!

Today, the rock is a popular attraction populated by small cafes and shops. If you are lucky, while visiting Yongduam Rock you might catch a glimpse of the incredible Haenyeo women diving to collect seafood by hand – a long-standing tradition on the island!

Defy the laws of gravity at Jeju Island’s Mysterious Road

Car driving down the mysterious road on a dark and foggy dayNext on our Jeju tour, we’ll drive along the Mysterious Road that will have you second-guessing reality! The beautiful, biodiverse road is in fact, an optical illusion. You will feel the sensation of continuously going uphill!

Why is that? Scientists say that this is due to the height of the road’s surroundings, which create the illusion that the slope is rising, while the road actually goes downhill.

We’ll have the chance to see this incredible path for ourselves, although be warned – you may not believe your eyes!

Mount Songak – a panorama that will sweep you off your feet

People hiking up Mount SongaksanSongaksan Mountain is famous for having 99 small peaks connected by a winding road that offers stunning coastal views. As we reach Mount Songak on our Jeju Island tour, you’ll need to catch your breath because the surrounding landscape will sweep you off your feet!

From a height of 104 meters, you will be able to see the nearby islands of Marado, Hyeongjeseom, and Gapado, as well as Hallsan Mountain.

On the north-west side of the peak, discover a volcanic crater with a diameter of 500 meters and a depth of 80. The man-made caves around are reminiscent of the Japanese invasion and are still well-preserved today. As Songaksan Mountain’s shore is a vibrant fishing area, you may be able to spot saw-edged perch and black porgy.

Dragon Head Coast – the most scenic walk you will ever take

Yongmeori Coast, also known as the Dragon Head Coast, is a picturesque route that offers a front-row view of the Sa-am stacks – rock formations that have built up over millennia. The name literally translates to “dragon” (Yong) “head” (Meori). Discover gulbangs (grottos) in the shape of spacious rooms and large rocks stacked on top of each other resembling a geological layer cake.

Yongmeori’s cliffs amaze with their unassuming elegance. Observe the clear ocean water twinkle beneath your feet and breathe the fresh, salty air as you make your way across the sandstone bed.

At the foot of Yongmeori Coast, you’ll find the Hamel Monument – a memorial dedicated to the Dutch explorer Hendrick Hamel that stands to affirm the diplomatic ties between South Korea and the Netherlands.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall – a slice of paradise

Beautiful Cheonjiyeon Waterfall in Jeju-do, Korea with beautiful green foliage surrounding itWith its clear, vibrant blue water, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall is one of the most sought-after attractions on Jeju Island. Translating as “Land of Paradise,” the waterfall is an absolutely gorgeous sight.

At night, as the lights come on, the waterfall transforms into an exquisite canvas of color, creating a romantic atmosphere. Here, you will be able to see marble-colored mootae eel and take stunning photos!

Jeju Horse Pasture – a 600 years old tradition

Watching horses roam free at Jeju Island PasturelandJeju Island has a 600-year-old tradition of horse breeding and training. Back in the day, the nomadic tribes that inhabited the island would breed the country’s best horses and send them off to the Joseon leaders. The island offers the perfect environment, with its sprawling green meadows and plenty of open spaces. We’ll stop and have a look at the serene pasture that is home to the island’s finest horses.

3 Jeju do Horses lined up next to each other posing for a photoJeju Horse Pastureland was not only chosen as one of the Ten Scenic Sights of Yeongju, but is also known for being one of the top ten must-see sites when visiting Jeju-do. The pastureland provides the horses with a space of 909,635㎡ to roam which for comparison is larger than Yeouido Island Plaza.

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about Jeju Horse Pastureland is that it belongs to the Cultural Heritage Administration which means it is state-owned. The reason behind this is that there are 130 horses residing here that are in need of special care and attention.

Travel 500 years back in time at the quaint Seongeup Folk Village

A traditional style house at the 500 year old Seongeup Folk Village with bright green trees and hanging fruit in the backgroundNext, on our tour to Jeju Island, we’ll dive into the history of this beautiful land through exploring an authentic 500-year-old settlement.

Located at the foothills of Mount Halla, Seongeup Folk Village is a small town that still holds traditional houses, Confucian temples, schools, statues, and governmental institutions dating back to 1410.

Experience first-hand the magic of the local cultural heritage through plays, food, and crafts!

Traditional houses at a folk village on Jeju Island-folk-villagWe will walk by the nettle and zelkova trees which are not merely a landscaping detail but in fact, have stood here for centuries as an integral part of the landscape.

The unique aspect of this village is that it isn’t a replica. Each thatched-roof stone house and alley has been carefully preserved to deliver the utmost authentic experience to you. On our tour, we will roam around and explore the premises, marveling at the fortress ruins and listening to the local dialect.

Seongsan Sunrise Peak – greet the sun on top of the world

Looking at Seongsan Ilchulbong also known as sunrise peak on Jeju IslandAre you ready to conquer the world? This is exactly how you will feel as we make our way up to Seongsan Sunrise Peak! Formed by a volcanic eruption over 5,000 years ago, this peak is one of the most iconic natural sights on Jeju Island.

As if bursting out of the ocean floor, its base resembles a crown because of its jagged rocks. As the name suggests, this is the best spot on Jeju Island to welcome the sunrise, as it faces east.

Make sure to have your camera charged as you’d surely want to capture this view!

Explore the inside of a lava tube at Manjanggul Cave

Looking down the brightly lit tunnel inside Manjanggul CaveImmerse yourself in the amazing and mysterious world of Jeju Island’s most well-known cave! At five meters wide and 13 kilometers long, Manjanggul Cave is one of the world’s longest lava tubes!

A cavern formed due to a volcanic eruption over 200,000 years ago, the cave is truly fascinating with its tranquility and subtle colors.

One of the highlights on our Jeju Island tour, traversing the cave is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience! We will explore the one kilometer that is the designated tour area and see stalactite, stalagmite, and various corals.

Recharge your batteries at Saryeoni Forest

Tranquil Saryeoni Forest Path on a misty day with bright green colors peaking through the treesAre you dreaming of being completely immersed in peace and quiet, surrounded by every shade of green under the sun? Saryeoni Forest offers just that!

As we make our way through the beautiful nature trails, you will feel your stress slowly dissipate, replaced by the feeling of awe! This is the perfect way to go back to the basics – fresh air, beautiful surroundings, and wonderful company.

Peacful Saryeoni Forest with many tall trees and green leavesAn easy walk, the forest trails are perfect for any athletic level, so you don’t need any special gear or preparation. If you’ve always wanted to try forest-bathing, this is the perfect spot! One of travelers’ favorite activities on our Jeju Island tour package, meandering through the forest will restore your balance and energize your spirit.

Choose your own adventure at Halim park

At 1,000 square meters, Halim park has something for everyone! Abundant in gardens that can be enjoyed year-round, the park provides the perfect opportunity to discover exotic plants you’ve never seen before!

Go for a walk down Palm Tree Road, and marvel at the tall, skinny palm trees which are the absolute best background for unique photos! Take a stroll through the Bonsai Garden and check out the intricate flower designs.

Make sure to pop into Hyeopjaegul and Ssangyonggul Caves – the only two-dimensional caves on the planet! Inside, you will see features of both lava and limestone caves which is a truly unique combination.

If you’re enjoying our Jeju Island tour with your children, you’re in luck! The park has a children’s amusement park where your kids can play their hearts out!

Suwol Peak

An observation deck with a pair of high-powered binoculars on the peak of one of Jeju's mountainsBefore departing from our Jeju Island tour, we’ll treat ourselves to one last round of exquisite vistas at Suwol Peak.

Riddled with lookouts and observation decks, the peak is a part of the island’s volcanic ring formed thousands of years ago. You can still see the layers of hardened lava that have persisted through millenia! A much less crowded spot, the peak is a fantastic place to spend a quiet moment meditating or take a lovely family portrait!

If nature is what fills your soul, then seize the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful islands in the world! Our Jeju Island tour package is a mix of outdoor adventures, culture, stunning landscapes, and scenic drives. This three-day, two-night journey is guaranteed to make a lasting impression and feed your wanderlust! Don’t miss out and book our Jeju Island tour today! 

Our Jeju Island tour (3 Days 2 Nights) Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Hotel Pickup (Seoul)
  • Transfer to Gimpo Airport
  • Fly to Jeju Island
  • Pick up from Jeju Airport
  • Yongduam
  • Mysterious Road
  • Mt. Songak
  • Dragon Head Coast
  • Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
  • Jeju Hotel

Day 2:

  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Jeju Horse Pasteur
  • Seongeup Folk Village
  • Seongsan Sunrise Peak
  • Manjanggul Cave
  • Saryeoni Forest
  • Overnight (Jeju Hotel)

Day 3:

  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Halim Park
  • Suwolbong Peak
  • Transfer to Jeju Airport
  • Fly to Seoul
  • Pick up from Gimpo Airport
  • Hotel Drop-off (Seoul)

Our Jeju Island tour package includes

  • Hotel Pickup & Drop-off service
  • VIP tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Return Flights to Jeju Island
  • 2 Nights Hotel (2 people sharing)
  • Entrance Fees and Tickets
  • Hotel Breakfast (Day 2 & 3)


  • Lunch and Dinner.

Additional Notes

  • Please bring your passport.
  • Pick up time can be changed depending on flight times.
  • Prices can be changed depending on high season.


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