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Mount Seorak Tour (2 Days 1 Night)

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What’s the best way to enjoy Korea’s stunning nature and history? Head up to the mountains with our Mount Seorak tour! A wonderful place to visit during spring, autumn, and winter, Mount Seorak will treat you to beautiful nature, lots of color, and some stunning temples of great historical and spiritual importance. Create lifetime memories that you will cherish forever on our Seoraksan Mountain tour!

Free Cancellation When cancelling by 5pm the day before most tours. See Details.

Seoraksan Mountain Tour – What to Expect

What you can always expect from Mount Seorak is to be impressed by the panoramas from its main viewpoints. You will see interesting rock formations, different species of animals and plants, which will make you feel like a true explorer! The mountain is also a perfect place to discover the spirituality of Korean Buddhism at Shinheungsa and Naksansa Temple, as well as the tranquility of Naksan Beach and amazing fresh food of Daepohang Port.

Mount Seorak Tour – Course Overview

Beautiful red, gold and yellow coloured leaves on the trees at Mount Seorak during Autumn
Mount Seorak is a good place to see the beautiful autumn colors in Korea.

Our complete and seamless itinerary for our Mount Seorak tour includes all entrance fees, tickets, one night at a hotel, and all transport. You will be taken care of by our licensed, professional tour guide who is available to accommodate all your needs and answer questions. While lunch and dinner are not included, your tour guide will give you free time to buy food and take a break from the activities. The breakfast at the hotel on the second day is included.

We will begin by picking you up at your hotel in Seoul. Our first destination will be Mount Seorak. You will take the Seorak Cable Car up to the main viewing area where you will have the chance to enjoy stunning views and take photos.

A giant statue of Buddha located outside Shinheungsa temple
Located outside of Shinheungsa temple you will see a giant Buddha statue.

Then, you will head down to Shinheungsa Temple which you will have time to explore. Next, on our Mount Seorak tour, you will head over to Sokcho and spend the night at your hotel. The following day will begin with a visit to Daepohang Port where you will have the chance to try many delicious snacks and meals, and buy fresh seafood.

Afterward, your tour guide will take you to Naksansa Temple where you will get amazing views of the East Sea, followed by a visit to Naksan Beach. You will have the opportunity to enjoy precious white sand and crystal clear blue waters. Finally, we will drop you off at your hotel in Seoul after a dynamic two-day tour!

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the best of the country with our Korea Tour Package always lead by a professional tour guide with a well-organized itinerary!

Mount Seorak – a place for relaxation and amazing vistas

View on our Mount Seorak tour during the summer seasons
Mount Seorak is beautiful all year round and especially so on clear days.

Being the tallest mountain in the Taebaek mountain range in the Gangwon Province, Seoraksan reaches up to 1,708 meters of height which makes it the best place to enjoy stunning natural views. Here, you will feel truly at peace. The national park is quite large. In fact, it’s geography spans across four cities and counties! This was the first area to be declared a national park by the Korean government in the year 1970.

There are about 30 different peaks in the park which make the views very diverse. Lovers of nature scenes and photography will thoroughly enjoy this area! If you like animals and plants, you are in luck, too! Seoraksan National Park is an area famous for the wide variety of species, including the Asian black bear.

View on our Seorak Moutain tour during the winter season
Seorak Mountain looks like an immaculate wonderland in winter.

Our Mount Seorak tour is beloved by many travelers because it’s always a great time to go! The spring is mild and everything is blossoming. The fall brings incredible foliage. The winter here makes the entire place look like an immaculate wonderland covered in snow. You will indulge in precious views and connect with nature!

If you would love to visit Seoraksan Mountain but are short on time, have a look at our Seoraksan National Park tour that lasts only one day and still takes you through all of the major viewpoints and temples!

Seorak Cable Car to Gwongeumseong Fortress – marvel at the views from above

Looking up at Seorak mountain from the Seorak cable car platform
The Seorak cable car takes you up to Gwongeumseong Fortress. You will need to walk another 10-15 minutes to reach the peak.

As we get to Mount Seorak, we will use the Cable Car to make our way up. While named after the Gwongeumseong Fortress, the fortress itself is actually in ruins, so there are only a few rocks that remain.

The Cable Car gives you the opportunity to see the park from above as you slowly ascend! This is the perfect time to take photos and soak up the views during our Seoraksan mountain tour.

Beautiful views of the east sea from Gwongeumseong Fortress an be seen from a distances
Breath taking views of the East sea. You will also be able to see Sokcho city and beautiful views of the national park.

Once you reach the main viewpoint, you will be able to see Seorak Mountain and the East Sea towards which we will make our way the following day during our visit to Naksan Beach. The cable car experience is both thrilling and very cozy!

Shinheungsa Temple – a Zen marvel settled in idyllic natural scenery

Looking at Sinheungsa temple with its beautiful colors standing out in the middle of Seorak Mountain
Sinheungsa temple located in the beautiful Mount Seorak.

Situated on the sloped of Mount Seoraksan, this is one of the most important temples in history, dating all the way back to the Jogye Order. The temple was built by Jajang in 653 and is a true piece of history that has survived through millennia! You will have the chance to see the bronze Buddha statue outside and take photos with it. At 18.9 meters high and weighing 108 tons, this is a truly impressive monument!

The blue roof of the temple really stands out against the mountainous background which is either blooming in spring or covered in snow in winter. The view will give you a real sense of comfort and peace.

If you love splendid natural views and would like to do some hiking as well, check out our Bukhansan tour!

Daepohang Port – taste the best of the sea world

Red crab fried rice dished up and ready to serve at Daepohang market
One of the many local seafood dishes that can be found at Daepohang market.

Do you love great local food? Then you would very much enjoy Daepohang Port! This is something of a foodie hotspot where you can find fresh fish to take home or buy meals prepared on the spot. The cool thing about the fish market is that everything has been caught recently. You can point to the fish you like after which the vendor will kill and pack for you. It doesn’t get fresher than this!

When it comes to meals ready to consume, you will find many stalls offering lobster fried rice, shrimp tempura, makgeolli, soup, kimchi, crab, squid, and more. Navigating the market is very easy. The vendors are very friendly and extremely helpful, ready to answer any of your questions.

Naksansa Temple – discover a spiritual place nestled in a gorgeous cliff

Naksansa temple sitting in front of the sea on a cloudy day
Naksansa Temple is a complex of temples built by the Jogye Order, overlooking the East Sea.

Naksansa Temple is a complex of temples built by the Jogye Order, overlooking the East Sea. The temple has more than 1,300 years worth of history and is beautifully designed in a way that flows with nature perfectly. You will enter through the Hongyaemun Gate that is lined with black bamboo trees. There is a path that leads to Uisangdae Pavilion which is perched on top of a cliff and is an excellent spot for meditation and relaxation.

Right next to it, you will see Hongryeonam which is a smaller temple. Here, you will find a hole which is about ten centimeters wide. You can peep through it and get a glimpse of the sea! Next to the pavilion, you will also find a statue of Buddha called Haesugwaneumsang, so take the opportunity to snap a photo with this relic!

Naksan Beach – enjoy a slice of paradise

The last stop of our Mount Seorak tour is the stunning Naksan Beach. Located on the north-east coast of Gangwon-do Province in South Korea, Naksan Beach is a gorgeous area for those who enjoy sea views and white sands! At four kilometers long, the beach is perfect for strolling with your loved ones and getting your feet wet on a hot summer day. One of the best aspects of Naksan Beach is that it is never crowded so you will have plenty of space!

The sunrises and sunsets here are quite beautiful, in a pink shade, so you will have the chance to end your day with a stunning view of the sun setting on the horizon. Those who enjoy photography will be able to snap incredible photos to later share with their friends!

Kickstart your travels with our Mount Seorak tour which offers a wonderful balance of nature, history, relaxation, and food! Spend time disconnecting from the busy city life and don’t miss the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones in a beautiful setting!

Our Mount Seorak tour (2 Days 1 Night) Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Hotel Pickup (Seoul)
  • Mount Seorak
  • Seorak Cable Car (Gwongeumseong Fortress)
  • Shinheungsa Temple
  • Hotel Drop-off (Sokcho)

Day 2:

  • Hotel Pickup (Sokcho)
  • Daepohang Port
  • Naksansa Temple
  • Naksan Beach
  • Hotel Drop-off (Seoul)

Our Seoraksan Mountain tour includes

  • Hotel Pickup & Drop-off service
  • VIP tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Entrance Fees and Tickets
  • Seorak Cable Car
  • Hotel Breakfast (Day 2 only)
  • Hotel Drop-off


  • Lunch and Dinner are not included, but your tour guide will give you an opportunity to rest and eat.


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