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Korean Folk Village tour (Afternoon)

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Have you always wondered what it was like to live during the royal era of the Joseon Dynasty? With our Korean Folk Village tour, you will not only feel the charming tranquility of a traditional village from the era, but also be thrilled by the special acrobatic and musical performances that can only be found here. Kickstart the vacation of a lifetime with our trip to the Yongin Folk Village!

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Korean Folk Village – What to Expect

Our guests meeting some influential Joseon era people on our Korean Folk Village tour
Meet some influential Joseon villagers during our Korean Folk Village tour.

The Korean Folk Village, also known as “Hanguk Minsokchon” is a live replica of a village during the Joseon Dynasty, recreating life as it was hundreds of years ago. What is special about this area is that you get to experience first-hand what it was like to live without electricity, in connection with nature, cooking and living close to your neighbors.

The location is not at all random; in fact, the village was built facing water with a range of mountains in the background for an auspicious quality. Charming and quaint, the Minsok Village draws a large audience that consists both of locals and world travelers.

Trying out a Joseon village style torturing device
Try out one of the Joseon village style torturing systems used to get you to tell the truth.

Performers and actors roam the narrow streets of the 245-acre Korean Folk Village, making you feel like you have truly stepped back in time. With plenty of beautiful corners to take photos, the Yongin Folk Village is divided into different areas representing over 260 traditional homes, a Marketplace, and an Amusement village.

Over seven exhibits are on display for you to see. There are three special events for you to watch and workshops to participate in, which will make you feel like a true Joseon villager! Experience an unforgettable journey through time with our Korean Folk Village tour!

Korean Folk Village tour – Course Overview

Our tour will start by us picking you up from your hotel in Seoul. We will deliver you straight to the Korean Folk Village where you’ll be able to roam around this pastime village. Here you’ll have the chance to indulge in three different performances – Nongak farmer’s music and dance, Tight Rope Walking, and Martial arts on Horseback. On our way back to Seoul, we’ll make a stop at a shopping center before dropping you off at your hotel.

Enjoy the seamless door-to-door service that our Day Trips from Seoul offer!

Explore and Marvel at the Korean Folk Village

The outside of a traditional Joseon era village house at the Hanguk Minsokchon
You an enter and take a look around many of the structures including some traditional Joseon era village houses.

Hanguk Minsokchon is one of the most special areas of Yongin, located within a quick drive from Seoul. Designed as a real-life depiction of a Joseon village, this place will inspire you to fully dive into the past as you discover its premises.

The village is divided into three areas. Begin by heading over to see the traditional houses. There are 260 of them at the Minsok Village! Discover three types of houses – the humble ones that belonged to peasants, those that were occupied by the landowner class, and finally, the houses of the ruling class, who were known as the yangban. Make sure to pay attention to the traditional furniture and how it varies from a peasants house to that of a yangban.

Two visitors trying to grind wheat on a traditional style millstone at Yongin's Folk Village
Try grinding some wheat using a traditional millstone inside the Folk Village at Yongin

Walking by a tranquil stream, you will find yourself surrounded by nature where over 80 different trees grow, which makes your visit all the more lovely.

You can freely look inside and enter most of the structures too. Pop into the ateliers – there are nine of them. There’s a blacksmith’s workshop, a bamboo ware, an earthware, and more. In the village, you will also find over 20,000 traditional instruments that were used in daily life!

Next, make your way to the Marketplace known as Jumak. Here, you’ll have a wide selection of about 20 different local dishes to choose from. All the food served here is free from artificial flavors, and is not processed. They use only natural flavors and ingredients using traditional methods to provide a healthy authentic taste.

Two visitors trying out one of the Joseon village style punishment methods
Have a go at one of the Joseon Village style punishment methods used to keep law and order.

You’ll be able to find wholesome dishes like naengmyeon (cold noodles), muk (jellied food), bibimbap, and handmade dumpling soup.

You can also try a Railroad hotdog or an Imsil cheese pizza. If you’re craving something sweet, treat yourself to the traditional winibini candy and ice cream. Be sure to keep a look out as well for one of the traditional style Yeot (Korean taffy) sellers wondering around. They are usually dressed in white and have pair of very large looking scissors.

If you’re looking for something special to take home, you’ll also be able to find a selection of unique hand crafts. Perfect as souvenirs or gifts for your friends and family.

Finally, direct yourself to the Folk Village Performance Area where you are about to experience three wonderful and very different performances.

Witness the Nongak Traditional Farmers Music and Dance Performance

People posing with the Nongak Samulnori performers at the Korean Folk Village in Yongin
Pose with the Nongak Samulnori performers after the show to get some colorful photos

On our Yongin Folk Village tour the first traditional performance you can see will be the Nongak show. This is a ritual that was performed by farmers who prayed for a good harvest of their rice fields accompanied by Samulnori music.

The Samulnori you are about to hear is a traditional music genre typical for Korea which includes four instruments – a small gong, a bigger gong, a drum, shaped like an hourglass, and a barrel drum (buk).

The performers deliver the show in a particular pattern, following the rhythm of the music very precisely while also waving colorful ribbons. You will have the chance to participate if you choose to, as the actors call volunteers to the stage. If you decide to simply sit in the audience, prepare to be mesmerized by the acrobatics and dance moves that accompany the music show.

The Traditional Tight Rope Walking Performance Will Give You Goosebumps

Next on our Korean Folk Village tour, be dazzled by the skilled tight rope walker!

A traditional tight rope performer putting on a hilarious performance at the Korean folk village
Credit: “DSC01371” by DreamAnvil is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Blending acrobatics, strength, and comedy, the actor will keep you hanging on his every word as he makes his way between two high pillars with nothing to support him but a slim rope!

Snap a photo with the performer who is always happy to entertain and please the audience. Back in the day when there weren’t copious amounts of entertainment outlets, tight rope walking was considered a prime-time show, and it continues to amaze to this day! The actor wears a hanbok particular to the Joseon Era in order to make the show as realistic as possible.

Be Amused by the Thrilling Horseback Performance at Minsok Village

Hanguk Minsokchon has some very talented performers who will bring up the adrenaline in the audience with the incredible equestrian feats! Sitting comfortably in the audience, you are about to witness an amazing display of bravery as the actors perform complicated figures on the back of running horses such as a three-person pyramid!

3 performers doing an acrobatic act on horseback at the Yongin Folk Village
Credit: “DSC01532” by DreamAnvil is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The moves and formations borrow elements from martial arts, and even the slightest mistake could be catastrophic which is why they are incredibly precise! Using swords, bow and arrows, whips, and throwing spears at giant dart boards, you’ll be able to see their incredible skills.

Balancing masterfully as the horses run in a circle, the actors weave elements of comedy into this high-suspense show which many travelers say is the “highlight of the day”. Snap as many photos as you like. You will be able to use those later when you re-create the story for your family and friends back home!

Experience the perfect day traveling not only to Yongin but back in time, on our Korean Folk Village tour! Our tour will feed your curiosity and show you what it was like to live in the days of the Joseon Dynasty. Witnessing three incredible performances of art and bravery, you are guaranteed to create priceless memories that you would want to share with all of your friends!

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