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Nami Island Winter Tour

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There is nothing more wonderful than Korea covered in snow! Nami Island turns into a wonderland where you can play, take stunning photos, eat very well, and feel rejuvenated. Treat yourself to our Nami Island Winter tour and experience the best of this wonderful season!

Free Cancellation When cancelling by 5pm the day before most tours. See Details.

Jump aboard our Korea Snow Package

The Nami Island ferry docking at Nami Island Wharf in Winter with icy water and snow covered trees
The Nami Island ferry in Winter (included).

Don’t miss the chance to go on a wonderful Winter tour in Korea and play in the snow! We’ve made the itinerary as easy as possible, so just relax and have fun! We will pick you up from your Seoul hotel and drop you off at the end. All our Nami Island tours also includes a professional tour guide who will be there to assist with any questions and requests.

Two people taking the zipline to Nami Island
The zipline to Nami Island is 80m high and 940m long (optional additional fee applies).

While we will take the ferry to Nami Island (included), you will have the chance to zip line to the island if you prefer (for an additional fee)! This is the perfect experience for thrill-seekers. If you’d like to go for it, kindly speak to your tour guide and they will arrange it for you. In that case, you will only take the ferry on your way back.

All of the attractions’ entrance fees are included in the tour. We will provide lunch as well, treating you to a local specialty! We’ll make a stop at the stunning Elysian Gangchon Resort which is the ideal place to enjoy the snow! Finally, we will have the chance to shop at an Amethyst or Ginseng Center on our way back to Seoul.

Nami Island Winter tour – What you’ll see

Our Nami Island winter tour was designed to provide a full day of snow during Korea’s whitest season. So put on your jacket and gloves and then find out about the key snow stops on this tour.

Namiseom – an island reinvented

Trees and paths covered in a blanket of white snow at Nami Island
During winter Nami Island turns into a winter wonderland.

Namiseom (or Nami) Island, certainly has gone through a massive transformation. While today the island is considered the epitome of beauty with its tree-lined roads and scenic spots, up until 1965 it used to be a wasteland. Can you believe it! Locals and travelers love our Nami Island Winter tour as it is the perfect opportunity to share special moments with loved ones. Relax at the cozy Nami Island Bookcafé which is perfect for a coffee and a dessert. Visit the Swing Café which offers warm tea and music.

Nami Island's Space Garden with a frozen over pond in the middle
Don’t forget to stop by Nami Island’s Space Garden with your camera in hand.

The winter here is a calm and charming season. Follow the magic of “Winter Sonata,” the popular K-Drama which began in 2002. Take a stroll down the Maple Lane of True Love – it will make for fantastic photos! Then, head over to the Central Korean Pine Tree Lane. Here, you will see golden lights between the tall trees that create a very romantic atmosphere. To make things even better, there’s a fire pit at the end of the lane so you can cozy up to your loved ones after your walk.

Frozen river view with beautiful snow covered mountains in the background at Namiseom
Riverside view from Namiseom

The iconic Ginko Tree Lane is at its most peaceful during the winter season and is another great spot for a stroll. If you’d like to experience a more quaint feel, take a few steps off to the Riverside Lover’s Ginko Lane which is a narrow wooden path tucked between the cottages. If you’d like to enjoy a stunning landscape, check out Hut Bridge. Located on the southeast side of Namiseom, this wooden bridge stretches over the icy river and makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a different world! If you’re traveling with your kids, definitely take the chance to build a snowman and play around, which is a must-do on our much loved Korea Snow Package!

People riding the Namiseom (Nami Island) Sky Bike
Namiseom Sky Bike is located next to the Bike rental shop.

Are you looking to learn something while having fun on our Nami Island Winter tour? Don’t miss the chance to craft glass at the Handicraft Studio. You can choose to try mud painting, glass blowing, painting on a soju bottle, or making your very own personal stamp! As Namiseom is known for its great access to books, don’t miss the chance to visit the Picture Book Library which is great fun for both kids and adults.

If you’d like to be active, go sledding, or take the Sky Bike. The sky bike rail is located next to the bike rental shop. This is a great way to get around when there’s snow on the ground. You can go by yourself or pair up with friends and family!

Lunch – indulge in a hot, delicious meal

The next stop on our Nami Island Winter tour is a traditional lunch featuring Dak-Galbi. This dish is one of the most loved meals in Korea. It originated and quickly spread in Chuncheon’s main districts which were rich in fresh ingredients and livestock.

Steam coming off of a delicious Korean Dak-Galbi dish which is being cooked on the table in front of customers
The mildly spicy Korean Dak-Galbi is perfect to help warm you up in the winter months.

The stir-fried spicy chicken includes rice cakes, scallops, perilla leaves, and a special sauce – ssamjang, used for dipping. At the restaurant, you are most likely to see this dish served in a cast iron pan that tends to be round. This ensures maximum preservation of the flavor. Eating traditional food is the best way to immerse yourself in the season’s magic which is what our Winter tour in Korea does.

For those who don’t like spicy things, just speak with your guide at the beginning of your tour. The restaurant can adjust the spiciness to your liking. Veggies, don’t worry we have your back too! We appreciate not everyone has the same dietary requirements and so we can substitute your Dak-Galbi for a delicious Korean Bibimbap (rice based dish with lots of veg and sauces) if you prefer.

Enjoy the stunning panorama at Elysian Gangchon Resort – let it snow!

The next stop on our Nami Island Winter Tour is the Elysian Gangchon Resort – one of the most scenic in all of Korea. Travelers love this place because it’s located in a valley surrounded by nature with a peaceful river flowing by. This is an incredible spot for photos!

While we won’t be skiing on this tour, you will have the chance to enjoy the stunning winter views and play in the snow with your kids! Listen to soothing music and indulge in a hot cup of tea or coffee at the Live Music Cafe.

It’s a top-notch place for the ultimate snowball fight, making snow angels with your best pal, or building a snowman. But, if all this snow talk is making you feel like giving skiing ago, then be sure to check out our Korea Ski tours!

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy our Winter tour in Korea! You’re guaranteed to spend quality time with your loved ones, feel rejuvenated in nature, and taste some amazing dishes!

Tour Availability (November – March)

This tour only runs during the winter months as it is reliant on weather conditions. If the tour is cancelled or made unavailable you will be issued a full refund.

Nami Island Winter tour Itinerary

  • Seoul Hotel Pickup
  • Nami Island
  • Dak-Galbi Lunch (Vegetarian options available)
  • Elysian Gangchon Resort
  • Stop at Amethyst or Ginseng Center
  • Hotel Drop-off (Seoul)

Our Magical Korea Snow Package includes

  • Complimentary Hotel Pickup service
  • Professional tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Entrance Fees and Tickets (Excluding optional Zip line ticket)
  • Lunch – Dak-Galbi (Vegetarian option available)
  • Gloves rental (for playing in the snow at Elysian Gangchon Resort)

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    5 out of 5


    We booked a day tour to Nami island thru VIP travel with tour guide Nancy. We had memorable time. Agent was on time n picked us at 7:30an. She planned it so early so that there is less crowd in Nami n managed to take really nice pics.

  2. Avatar photo
    5 out of 5

    Joe Y

    I joined the Nami island tour. So nice and beautiful island. I got a lot of pictures at here. Our guide Nancy is excellent. Even it is cold weather, we enjoyed a lot.

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