Jeongdong (Miso Performance)

Watching a performance at Jeongdong Theatre
Family Friendly
Group Discount
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Min 2 People
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Children (3-9)
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Tour guide, transportation and entrance fees. included

Tour Code: 35


Hotel → Jeongdong Theater (Miso Performance) → Hotel


Would you like to experience the spirit of Korean traditional art? Jeongdong Theater is one of the best places to visit! There are different programs such as pansori, Female vocal music storytelling accompanied by male percussional and the samulnori, instrumental farmers’ music and dance. These colorful dance and music spectacles are performed by artists wearing traditional costumes who have been honored with the title of human cultural assets.

Tour Course Information

Jeongdong Theater (Miso Performance)

Jeongdong Theater is the representative traditional arts performance theatre of Korea. With diverse cultural facilities, Jeongdong Theater has become a popular tourist attraction. The main program of Chongdong Theater is the ‘Traditional Arts Performance.’ The Traditional Arts Performance is presented everyday and has become a place where traditional arts are introduced to foreigners. Jeongdong Theater’s ‘Ssamji Madang’ has become a cultural site for the public. It is where special event performances usually take place. The theater is located on the B1 floor, and on the ground level is a petite park. When entering the Jeongdong Theater lobby, a little art gallery grabs your attention. The lobby walls were transformed into a gallery. Anyone can spend time here without being bored. The gallery always has a certain theme and the theme changes periodically. Inside the building, brochures explaining the performance schedules are laid out. You do not need to pay as entrance is free. It may be a good idea to appreciate the pictures and paintings while waiting.

Pick up & Drop off

1. Pick-up service may be delayed depending on the traffic condition.
2. After the reservation is confirmed, pick-up and drop-off service will be held at the location requested by the client.


1. Pick up time can be changed depends on your hotel location (Only Seoul area).
2. Payment can be arranged on the tour day by cash or credit card.
3. There is 100% of cancellation charge on the day.

Payment Guide

1. Cash and credit card, domestic or international are all accepted.
2. All of the costs of products are based on the value of provision.
3. For issuing tax invoice, or payment by credit card, 10% tax is added.

VIP Travel Refund Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. Cancellation in one day ~ 7 days the reserved date (before 5:00 pm): 100% refund.

2. Cancellation in one day to the reserved date (after 5:00 pm): 100% non-refundable.


Cancellation Panmunjeom(JSA) or DMZ+Panmunjeom(JSA) Tour applies 100% non-refundable if you cancel 5 days before the tour departure date or no show.

Cancellation for any changes in itinerary or destination due to a military events or weather condition, you can visit alternative spots and no refund will be issued.


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