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Nanta Show Seoul (Ticket + Transfer)

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Seoul is a bustling city that offers plenty of entertainment. If you would love to see an exciting performance that involves comedy, music, and food, our Nanta Show tour is the ideal choice for you! Be mesmerized by seasoned performers and their acrobatic tricks at the Nanta performance in Myeongdong! This show offers a uniquely Korean, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will not want to miss out on!

Free Cancellation When cancelling by 5pm the day before most tours. See Details.

Nanta Performance – What to Expect

One of the Nanta Performers drumming on a Kimchi barrel
Dramatic scenes are performed to the beat of drum in the style of traditional Korean music.

A Nanta Show ticket guarantees you laughter, suspense, and excitement! Talented performers dressed as chefs will entertain you by defying the laws of gravity with acrobatics in dramatic scenes along to the beat of traditional Korean music. You will see kitchen utensils such as knives and forks flying around in mesmerizing formations! Since the show is non-verbal, it is easy to understand for anyone, regardless of their age or nationality!

Nanta Show – Course Overview

Our tour includes the Nanta Show ticket and transportation in a seamless door to door service. You will be in the hands of a licensed tour guide, so take advantage of that and ask all of your questions about local culture, history, and recommendations!

We will begin by picking you up at your hotel in Seoul and heading to the theater in Myeongdong. The show itself is one-and-a-half hours of non-stop thrills, action and pure entertainment. After the Nanta performance is over and you take photos with the actors, we will bring you right back to your hotel.

Nanta Cooking Show – a Thrilling Performance for the Whole Family

A non-verbal scene during the Nanta Show performance. The manager is tasting the food
The non-verbal nature of the show means nothing gets lost in translation.

The Nanta Cooking Show is one of the most exciting performances you can witness in Seoul which is why it has become a key highlight of our Seoul Sightseeing tour. Established in 1997, the non-verbal performance is a blend of music, laughter, and acrobatic tricks accompanied by traditional Samulnori music which comes from Korean folklore and has now evolved to include more contemporary elements.

You will see flying cabbage, chefs breathing fire, and vigorous vegetable chopping along giant barrels of kimchi! The Nanta performance has an interactive part as well, where the actors call on people from the crowd to participate. That could be you!

A Nanta Cooking Show performer cooking something live on stage
You won’t get bored watching the Nanta Cooking Show, with an array of acrobatics, skills and acts on display.

The Nanta Cooking Show has been seen by more than 8 million people so far and is suitable for both adults and kids, so you can share the experience with your whole family!

An interesting fact about the Nanta Cooking Show is that it was so popular, it made its debut on Broadway in 2004. In 2009, Nanta was awarded Best Urban Program and has been highly recommended by those who have already attended.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the spectacle that has been voted Number One cooking comedy in Korea! Our Seoul Tour Package is focused on bringing you the most unique and fun activities that the city has to offer, and this show is a must-see.

Don’t Miss the Chance to Take a Photo with the Actors and Actresses

Nanta Show Seoul cast posing for a photo
After the performance take a photo with the Nanta Show cast.

After the show is over, you will have the opportunity to go up to your favorite performers and take a photo with them!

You can use your very own camera and keep the photo as a memory that you will cherish forever! The crew are very friendly and always love meeting the fans.

Are you looking for a thrilling experience in Myeongdong, the heart of Seoul? Then our Nanta Show is the perfect choice for you and your loved ones! Come enjoy the drama, laughter, and suspense of the acrobatic chefs in this unforgettable performance with our Nanta Show tour!

Nanta Cooking Show Times

  • Monday – Friday: 17:00~18:30 / 20:00~21:30
  • Saturday & Sunday: 14:00~15:30 / 17:00~18:30 / 20:00~21:30

Nanta Show tour Itinerary

  • Hotel Pickup (Seoul)
  • Nanta Show
  • Photo with Nanta Performance Cast
  • Hotel Drop-off

Our Nanta Performance tour includes

  • Free Hotel Pickup service
  • VIP tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Nanta Show Ticket
  • Hotel Drop-off


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